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MUL called as Mother Library of all
Academic Libraries of South India

Right Information to the Right Person at the Right Time
Ranganathan profounded the Five Laws of Library Science in 1924, which are the grammer of the Librarianship.
These laws are:
1. Books are for Use
2. Every Reader His or Her Book
3. Every Book Its Reader
4. Save the Time of the Reader
5. A Library is a Growing Organism

Madras University Library  [MUL]

Madras University Library has glorious history by serving to the global academic and research community over a period of more than a century. This library is called as mother library of all the academic libraries of south India from its inception in the year 1907 previously it was housed in the senate house of the university. The existing library building, built in Indo-British style was opened on 3rd September 1936. This building is built with the pointed arches in granite, domes with octagonal base. The kiosks resemble the islamic architecture of India.

The main objective of the library is to support the educational and research programs of the university by providing both the print and online information pertaining to the present academic and research functions of the university. In accordance with the objectives of the university, over the years, the library has been developing a comprehensive collection of peer-reviewed scholarly literature useful for the faculty and the researchers of the university as well as its affiliated institutions. The visiting of scholars from other countries is an unique phenomena of this library.

Library Collections

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