Library Sections

Acquisition Section
The Acquisition section is responsible for acquisition of all type of books, monographs, government documents and gratis. This section supports the library staff in their effort to acquire and maintain information resources which are more useful and scholarly nature.

Circulation Section
Circulation section may be called as a lending section, which deals with issue and return of books as well as member registration and issue of ID card to new members. Issue of Institutional Membership cards, fine collections, reservation of books for issue, issue of MALIBNET card, issue of borrower’s card to other libraries are carried out in this section. The remainders for defaulters to return the books are prepared periodically and sent to the departments. The daily fine collection from users is remitted in the bank. And, loss of books and No Due Certificate are dealt with this section.

Theses Section
Theses section has total no of 16000 + theses which includes Ph.D., M.Phil., B.Ed., M.Ed., M.L. theses. Above 8300+ theses are available in shodhganga reservoir from the year 1959 to till date. All these theses are digitized and uploaded to the UGC – Shodhganga ETDS reservoir.

Technical Section
In order to show the gratitudes tributes towards the father of Library and Information Science Dr. S. R. Ranganathan still the library follows his Colon Classification system for organizing its Collection Development. As such, this section uses various classification devices formulated by S. R. Ranganathan for depth classification even a micro document.

There are five stack areas, four general stacks, periodical back volume stack, book bank stack and closed reference stack. Stack area staffs arrange the books in the shelves and identify the books for binding and disposal. The round label, date slip, book pocket, etc are pasted in the stack area whenever they found in loose condition or they found removed. They also provide assistance to the users to locate the books needed by the user in the stack.

Periodical Section
The prime duties of this section is subscribing the periodicals on bar with the needs of the research scholars and faculty of the university. The major core journals of the each department of university are subscribed by the section. The works related to these subscriptions are carried out by the section along with the back volumes, binding etc.

Reference Section
This section is one of the vital section of the Library where, the ready reference and long range reference services are provided to the user. The referral service is another one important service of this section, through this the user will be guided to locate the information which are not available in the library. Through the UGC -Inflibnet - Informatics platform, online reference services are provided. For any query pertaining to this service/section kindly contact the incharge of this section.