Biography of Dr. S. R. Ranganathan

Dr. S. R. Ranganathan was a former University Librarian of Madras University Library and he is the notable alumni of the University of Madras and he joined as University Librarian in the year 1924.

Since his appointment as University Librarian, he worked hard systemised the Library which paved the way for him to establish the basic Scientific Library and Information Science theories and principles ranging from canons to normative principles. Thus, he used this great library as his laboratory and travelled throughout UK and studied in the University College, London to get depth knowledge in the field of Library and Information Science.

After coming from UK, he was heading the Madras University Library and devised a universal fame Colon Classification, Classified Catalogue Code and published a book titled Prolegomena towards Library Information Science which still known as the Bible of the Library Classification and Cataloguing schemes followed in all the libraries.

The Doyen and Messiah of the profession he worked meticulously to uplift the Indian public Library System and made it as open access system for common man and enacted First Tamil Nadu Public Library Act in the year 1948. And this paved the way for other State Governments of India to follow and enact the Library Act in their state.

By recognising his noble works for the profession, he had been honoured with Padmashri Award by the Government of India in the year 1957.

He pinned Five Laws of Library Science during his tenure in the Madras University Library which are the Grammar for the profession of Librarianship. They are globally accepted and followed by all types of the Libraries in our Mother Earth.

Since his appointment in the Madras University Library in 1924 he achieved many feat and laurels to the profession one among them was the establishment of DRTC in Bangalore in the year 1962, and he was associated with this earlier up to his death in the year 1972. Because of his contribution to the profession as Madras University Librarian, the Great Mother University Library achieved the status of role model for all the University Libraries as well as this Library considered as one of the renowned Library by the academic and research community of the globe.