The Madras University Library is one of the pioneer institutions in the country for producing scholarly content for the socio-economic betterment of global community.The research output made by the university has been highly referred and cited by the researchers of excellence of India as well as global academia. The Madras University Library is supplemental for the university research and publications activities and having known the importance of standardizing the research output of the university, the Madras University Library made an agreement on October 2015 with UGC-Inflibnet for implementing URKUND anti plagiarism software which was implemented in October 2015 itself. The software was renamed with more additional features as OURIGINAL
It has many features few are listed below.

  • It provide seamless integration with Library management software.
  • It uses different quantitative metrics so as to avoid short writing by the verification of authorship
  • It provides cross language text matching even it has been translated from another language.
  • It identifies the research falsification.
  • It is able to provide detailed similarity report by accessing multiple contents.