About ICOM
Established in 2003, following the UGC's Promotion of Indian Higher Education Abroad (PIHEAD), the ICOM aims to be a 'single window' for international students and scholars to pursue their studies and research at the University of Madras and its affiliated institutions. We have a well-equipped office situated in the nerve centre of the University in ground floor of the Library Block.

The international students at the University of Madras hail from: USA, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, Mauritius, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Fiji, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, etc.
Mission of ICOM
Facilitating and developing strategic links with other institutions of higher learning and participating in internationalization of higher education and research.
  • To promote the understanding of 'the other' through the exchanges, both cultural and academic.
  • To enable Indian students to experience international education through exchange programmes / visits / Digital Video Conferences.
  • To enhance the scholarly pursuits of University and overseas faculties with appropriate exchanges.
  • To promote qualitative research by becoming a part of the global joint research teams conducting research in frontier areas
  • To develop the teaching - learning process by including latest technological advances and addressing scientific, social, economic, political and cultural problems of India and abroad by promoting comparative studies in the curriculum
  • To encourage interaction with overseas delegations.