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Environmental Geochemistry and Climate change studies




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  •   AWARDS Department of Science and Technology, Government of India Awarded “BOYSCAST Fellow” for the year-2009-10 under the scheme of Better Opportunities for Young Scientist in Choosing Areas of Science and Technology”. This Young Scientist award is for doing climate change research in Leuphana University of Luneberg, Germany for one year (from May 2009 to May 2010). 


  •   Member of the Geological Society of India Member of Indian Geological Congress


  • Life member in ISEMMM

Projects (Total Projects : 8)

  • Title
    Heavy metal distribution in recent sediments of the Kortalaiyar estuary, North of Chennai
    Duration 2003-04
    Funding Agency UGC-M
    Amount Sanctioned (in Lakhs.)
  • Title
    Study on remedial measures in the silt deposition of north Kodaimelalagian chennel in Tambraparanai Syatem funded by World Bank-Institute for Water Studies
    Duration 2003-2004
    Funding Agency World Bank-PWD-TN-G
    Amount Sanctioned (in Lakhs.) 2
  • Title
    Geochemical Assessment of  Heavy metal contamination in urban estuaries of Chennai
    Duration 2005-06
    Funding Agency DST
    Amount Sanctioned (in Lakhs.)
  • Title
    Mercury pollution in Ennore creek waters
    Duration 2010
    Funding Agency DST
    Amount Sanctioned (in Lakhs.)
  • Title
    Investigation of slope stability in the conoor region,  Nilgiris District, Tamil Nadu
    Duration 2007-2010
    Funding Agency MHRD
    Amount Sanctioned (in Lakhs.) 4
  • Title
    Environmental Monitoring of air, sea bed, water and biological parameters
    Duration 2010
    Funding Agency Tuticorin Port Trust, Govt.of I
    Amount Sanctioned (in Lakhs.) 12
  • Title
    Environmental Monitoring of air, sea bed, water and biological parameters
    Duration 2010
    Funding Agency Tuticorin Port Trust, Govt.of I
    Amount Sanctioned (in Lakhs.) 6
  • Title
    Environmental Monitoring of air, sea bed, water and biological parameters
    Duration 2011
    Funding Agency Tuticorin Port Trust, Govt.of I
    Amount Sanctioned (in Lakhs.) 10


Journals (Total Journals: 29)

  • (2002) Incidence of Fluoride in Ground waters of Dharumathupatti area, Dindugul district, Tamil Nadu, Indian Journal of Applied Geochemistry, Sp.Volume, 261-268.,  M. Jayaprakash, V.Ram Mohan and S. Srinivasalu, 
  • (2003) Morphological changes of Ennore creek, East Coast of India, Tamil Nadu, International Journal of GIS@Development Vol 7 (8), 7-12,  M. Jayaprakash,R.Krishnamoorthy, R.Nagrajan and S.Kuppsamy, 
  • (2004) Study on remedial measures in the silt deposition of North Kodimelagian Channel in Tambraparani System, Institute of Water Studies, Volume 1, pp34-46.,  M.Jayaprakash, N.RajeswaraRao, R.Nagarajan, S.Nandhakumar and G.M.Moorthy, 
  • (2005) A baseline study of physico-chemical parameters and trace metals in waters of Ennore Creek, Chennai, India. Marine Pollution Bulletin Vol 50(5), 583-589.,  M. Jayaprakash, S. Srinivasalu, M. P. Jonathan and V. Ram Mohan, 
  • (2007) Integrated Study on Flow of water on the Kodaimelalagian Channel, Tambrabarani River Basin, Tamil Nadu, India, Indian Journal of Geomorphology, Vol. 10 (1&2), pp.137-156.,  M.Jayaprakash and R. Nagarajan, 
  • (2007) A comprehensive   environmental study of metals on the soil - water – plant system at West Chrompet Area, Chennai, India. International Journal of Chemical Sciences 5(2), 728-736,  L.Giridharan, T.Venugopal and M.Jayaprakash, 
  • (2007) A preliminary study on herbal resources and their contamination and their contamination with toxic heavy metals around Pulicat Lake, North Chennai, India, Research Journal of Environmental Toxicology, Vol. 2, pp: 78-84.,  Kamala Kannan, S., B. PrabhuDassBatvari, P. Devarajan, P. Periakali, R. Krishnamoorthy, N. RajeshwaraRao, S.G.D. Sridhar, P.N. Ballukraya, K.K. Sharma and M. Jayaprakash, 
  • (2008) Assessment of heavy metals (Cd, Cr and Pb) in water, sediment and seaweed (Ulvalactuca) in the Pulicat Lake, South East India. Chemosphere 71(7):1233-40,  Kamala-Kannan S, PrabhuDassBatvari B, Lee KJ, Kannan N, Krishnamoorthy R, Shanthi K, and Jayaprakash M, 
  • (2008) Heavy metals in two fish species (Carangoidelmalabaricusand Belonestronglurus) from Pulicat Lake, North of Chennai, Southeast Coast of India, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 145:167–175,  B. Prabhu Dass Batvari ,S. Kamala-Kannan, K. Shanthi,R. Krishnamoorthy, Kui Jae Lee and M. Jayaprakash, 
  • (2008) Distribution and enrichment of trace metals in marine sediments of Bay of Bengal, off Ennore, south-east coast of India, Environmental Geololgy 56:207–217.,  S. Muthu Raj and M. Jayaprakash, 
  • (2008) Evaluation of the seasonal variation on the geochemical parameters and quality assessment of the groundwater in the proximity of river Cooum, Chennai, India. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 143 (1-3), 161-178.,  L.Giridharan, T.Venugopal and M.Jayaprakash, 
  • (2008) Groundwater Quality Assessment Using Chemometric Analysis in the Adyar River, South India, Achieves of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 55(2), 180 – 190.,  T.Venugopal, L.Giridharan and M.Jayaprakash, 
  • (2008) Characterization and evaluation of the factors affecting the Geochemistry of groundwater in Neyveli, Tamil Nadu, India. Environmental Geology,   Vol.54, (4), 855-867.,  M.Jayaprakash, L.Giridharan,T.Venugopal, S.P.Krishnakumar and P.Periakali, 
  • (2008) A Rapid and simple    analytical technique for the determination of chromium and other  metal oxides in chromite ores Asian Journal of Chemistry, Vol 20, No  1,  254-260,  L.Giridharan, T.Venugopal and M.Jayaprakash, 
  • (2008) A new digestion and   chemical separation technique for rapid and highly reproducible determination  of major elements in limestone sample,  Asian Journal of Chemistry, 20(1),  265-272.,  T.Venugopal, L.Giridharan and M.Jayaprakash, 
  • (2008) Acid-leachable trace metals in sediments from an industrialized region (Ennore Creek) of Chennai City, SE coast of India: An approach towards regular monitoring. Estuarine Coastal and Shelf Science 76, 692-703.,  M. Jayaprakash, M.P. Jonathan, S. Srinivasalu, S. Muthuraj, V. Ram-Mohan, N. Rajeshwara-Rao, 
  • (2009) Assessment of groundwater quality in a suburban area of Chennai city, India. Journal of Ultra Scientist of Physical Sciences Volume 21(1) ISSN : 0970-9150.,  Ravichandran K. and Jayaprakash M, 
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  • (2009) A comprehensive geochemical evaluation of the Water Quality of River Adyar, India, Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology, 82(2), 211-217.,  T.Venugopal, L.Giridharan, M.Jayaprakash and P.M.Velmurugan, 
  • (2009) Environmental impact assessment and seasonal variation study of the groundwater in the vicinity of River Adyar, Chennai, India, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment,  149 (1-4), 81-97.,  T.Venugopal, L.Giridharan and M.Jayaprakash, 
  • (2009) Application of chemometric analysis for identifying pollution sources: a case study on the River Adyar, India. Marine and Freshwater Research 60(12) 1254–1264.,  T.Venugopal, L. Giridharan and M. Jayaprakash, 
  • (2009) Characterization and risk assessment studies of bed sediments of River Adyar-An application of speciation study. International Journal of Environmental Research 3(4):581-598.,  T.Venugopal, L.Giridharan and M.Jayaprakash, 
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  • (2010) Accumulation of total trace metals due to rapid urbanization in microtidal zone of Pallikaranai marsh, South of Chennai, India Environmental Monitoring and Assessment,170:609-629.,  M. Jayaprakash, B. Urban, P. M. Velmurugan and S. Srinivasalu, 
  • (2011) Seasonal variation on physico-chemical parameters and trace metals in groundwater of an industrial area of North Chennai, India, Indian Journal of Science and Technology Vol. 4 No. 6,  ISSN: 0974- 6846.,  K.Ravichandran and M.Jayaprakash, 
  • (2011) Impact of anthropogenic input on physicochemical parameters and trace metals in marine surface sediments of Bay of Bengal off Chennai, India Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 177, 1-4, 95-114.,  Kannan Raju, Kannan Vijayaraghavan, Srinivasalu Seshachalam, Jayaprakash Muthumanickam, 


  • National: 10


Ph.D Awarded 5
Ph.D Students 8
M.Phil Awarded 3
M.Phil Students 1

Additional Informations



v Principal Investigator for “landslide studies in Coonor region, Nilgiris funded by NHRD.

v Principal Investigator for “Environmental monitoring in Tuticorin port area” funded by Tuticorin Port Trust, Government of India.

v Principal Investigator in the various EIA Consultancy Projects funded by the Onshore and Offshore consultants and Hardy Explorations India limited

v Supervisor for M.Sc. Applied Geology Dissertations

v Member of the Organizing Committee, National Seminar on “Advances in Applied Geosciences for Sustainable Development” held from 27-28th February, 2002, as part of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the Department of Applied Geology, University of Madras.

v Resource Person of the need-based Refresher Course on “Natural Resources, Hazards and Environment” organized by the Departments of Applied Geology & Geology, University of Madras, from February 8-28, 2000.

v Member of the Organizing Committee in all the Seminars/Conferences organized and conducted by the Department of Applied Geology, over the last 5years of my service in the Department.

v Active involvement in taking I and II M.Sc. Applied Geology students to the field for imparting training in Field Geology, other than the regular Field Mapping and Field Work visits that are a part of the curriculum.

v Organized visits by school children to the Museum of Geology in the Department of Applied Geology, aimed at popularizing Geology as a Science in the young minds of the new generation.

Research Interests


Ø  Global Climate Change

Ø  Diagenesis & Sediment Geochemistry

Ø  Toxic Metal Accumulation in Fishes

Ø  River, Estuarine and Coastal Geochemistry (Dissolved and solid phase trace metals)

Ø  Environmental Pollution Monitoring due to industries in coastal zone

Ø  Foraminiferal species study as pollution indicators

Ø  EIA studies for coastal Environment

Ø  Shoreline changes using remote sensing and GIS studies

Ø  Environmental quality of Ground Water

Ø  Environmental geochemistry of Marine water, Sediments and Soils



Sampling Instruments

  • Gravity corer for core sampling in sediments in shallow/deep sea sediments
  • Box corer for large volume sampling of core sediments
  • Vibro-corer for sandy sediment sampling in Ocean Research Vessel
  • Mud Grab for surface sediment collection Coastal, deep sea echo sounder and hydrosweep for ocean floor mapping
  • CTD and ADCP instruments for combined depth profile of temperature measurements
  • Water sampler for water sample collection
  • High volume air sampler for air pollution monitoring
  • Aqua meter for ground water survey
  •  Gamma ray spectrophotometers (210Pb – Dating Methods)
  • XRF-Instruments
  • CHN-Analyser
  • Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (Varian & PerkinElmer)
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (GEOL)
  • UV spectrophometers