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Ancestry of the Department of Sociology (1966-71) : The Department of Sociology has its historical roots in the Department of Social Sciences, which was established in 1966 during the Vice-Chancellorship of Late Sri. Lakshmanaswamy Mudhaliar. The Master's degree programme in social sciences was conceived with interdisciplinary focus under the academic leadership of Professor Edwin Driver, the Full bright scholar. The course was designed by drawing the resources from various social science departments. The Department of Social Science began to function under the head-in-charge, Dr.K.K.Pillai, Professor of History. The M.A. degree course in Social Science enjoyed the patronage of both internal and external scholars. The internal scholars drawn from various social science departments of the university operated the course. The external Full Bright scholars such as Prof. Himes, Prof. Krosowisky and Professor Wash Burne etc. made significant contributions to strengthen the course. In 1968 the first batch of the students came out from the department. Regular faculty in Sociology for the positions of Reader and Lecturer were appointed in the year 1969. Dr.C.M. Abraham was the Reader and Dr.D.Sundaram was the Lecturer. Birth of the department of Sociology: In 1971, Dr. C. A. Perumal, Professor and Head of the Department of Politics and Public Administration was made Head -in- Charge of the Department. The landmark year in the history of Department of Sociology at the University of Madras was 1971, during which a full-fledged M.A. Course in Sociology was introduced. Both the Post Graduate programmes in social sciences and Sociology were concurrently offered till 1975. In 1976, M.A. in social science was withdrawn. Origin of the Department of Sociology: The department of sociology became autonomous and independent in the year 1976 and Dr.D. Sundaram, Reader in Sociology became the head of the department. The department has grown stronger in teaching and research over a period of time. The department of Sociology in all its endeavours has been responsive to the needs of India and its problems. The department was engaged in sensitizing the students to the contemporary social realities of Indian social system, social problem and Development of all social categories and the critical components that guided the focus of curriculum and research in sociology. The department has been responsive to the global trends and at the same time maintained the indigenous character of sociology. Another milestone in the journey of sociology is M.A. Corporate Sociology under the innovative programme of University Grants Commission. The department has taken keen interest in the development of new sub disciplines. This necessitated the cross fertilization of ideas and imaginative inter-disciplinary collaboration in response to the international perspective and global trends. As a result of such a venture, a Master's degree programme in Corporate Sociology has taken its genesis. M.A. Corporate Sociology aims to prepare the students for the managerial positions such as Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Manager, Marketing Manager, Public Relationship Officers, Community Development Officer etc. in Corporates. The course offers a package of managerial practices interfaced with sociological perspectives.  

Journey of Sociology
  • To provide value-added education and training to students in Tamil Language. To encourage research for the development of Tamil Language to cope up with the modern social needs.


  • Mahatma Jhotiba Phule Endowment Lecture
  • Dr. Palani Endowment Lecture
  • Paliga Family Endowment Scholarship


  • o provide strong theoretical foundation in sociology and inculcating analytical approach
  • Making Sociology much more career oriented by incorporating skill based add-on programmes and making provisions for on-the job training
  • Extending the frontiers of sociology beyond the conventional domains of teaching and research.
  • Making sociology more relevant in the global context
  • Being responsive to the global trends and be the trend setter.
Future Plans
  • Introducing add on Courses in Social Entrepreneurship and NGO Management
  • Collaborative research on national level issues
  • Organizing training workshops for NGOs
  • Policy Analysis & Policy Advocacy
  • PG Diploma in Counselling and Psychiatry
  • Joint Degree Programme with overseas Universities
  • Online courses in Business Ethics
  • Organizing Entrepreneur Development Programme
  • Community Development work through partnership with NGOs
  • Village adoptation and Community Development


Upcoming Research Themes
  • Sociology of Globalization
  • Rural Sociology
  • Sociology of Marginalized Groups
  • Sociology of Health
  • Sociology of Development
  • Sociology of Environment
  • Sociology of Organization


  • Rural Sociology, Social Movements & Social Policy
  • Sociology of health, Ethnic and Tribal Studies & Sociology of Development
  • Sociology of Deviance, Corporate Social Responsibility & Total Quality Management
  • Social Gerontology, Human Resource Development & Industrial Relations


Curricular Aspects
Teaching and Research Programmes
  • Special attention to improve the strength of the students? enrolment in both the courses (M.A. Sociology and M.A. Corporate Sociology)
  • Restoration of M.Phil Programme in Sociology from 2009-2010
  • Progress in Ph.D Programme through students enrolment and research in current social issues


Research Projects Completed
  • Socio-Cultural and Economic correlates of HIV/ AIDS- Funded by University of Madras under UGC Minor Research Projects
  • Aquaculture and Water Pollution: Current issues in Rural Environment and safeguarding the water- UGC Major Research Project
  • WRCP- Base Line Survey -2001, World Bank
  • Role of Women and Marginal Farmers in Irrigation Management -2002- World Bank
  • Impact & Needs Assessment of Tsunami Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in India 2005-2006, UNESCO
  • International Response to Post Tsunami Rehabilitation and Reconstruction in India 2005-2006, UNESCO
  • Community Based Disaster Preparedness Education 2005-2006, UNESCO- Bangkok.
  • Care and Needs of people living with HIV / AIDS: A Diagnostic Study in the context of Long Term Care- ICMR


On-going Projects
  • A Sociological Study on Reproductive Health Care Practices among Paniyas of Nilgiri District of Tamil Nadu- Funded by ICSSR, New Delhi.


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Dr.M.Thamilarasan Associate Professor and Head i/c Dr.M.Thamilarasan
Dr.S.T.Akilan Assistant professor Dr.S.T.Akilan

Courses offered by the Department

Post Graduate

  • M.A Sociology (M.A. Sociology is offered from 1971 onwards)
  • M.A Corporate Sociology (Self Supportive Course).

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