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The Department was established in the year 1976. Professor Saratha Subramaniam was the First Head of the Department. That time only Ph.D was offered by this department. In the year 1982 Dr. A. Namasivayam became the Professor and Head of the deopartment. He introduced Mphil (Physiology) and MD (Physiology). In the Year 1989 he indroduced Post Graduate course in  Physiology under Faculty of Medcine. It is a three year programme. In 2001 Professor Namasivayam retired from service. Professor N. Suthanthira rajan became Head of the Department. after a short duration of his service he submitted Voluntary Retirement from service (VRS) Immediately after his VRS. Dr. R. Sheela devi became Head of the department.


  • The environmental noise level has been increased and this department is focussing on the effect of noise stress on brain and how that understanding that noise is not adaptable as one presumes. It induces free radical formation, alters the brain neurotransmitter levels in various brain regions. Some of the herbs and it's combination could reduce the noise induced impact on the brain by quenching the free radicals and improves the scavenging system. A most effective antidote for noise, must be found out.
  • The research in this department revealed that methanol causes the toxic effect not only due its metabolites but itself is toxic. This department is trying to establish an antidote for methanol toxicity
  • Possible mechanism behind Neuroimmunomodulation


  • Since the effect of noise on body systems is extensively reported by us, this department is trying to find an antidote for noise stress.
  • Methanol induced toxicity on immune system, neurotransmitters; optic nerve is already reported by this department. Moreover, methanol metabolizing enzymes system was used as an antidote for methanol poisoning. Though it was effective, the procedure is elaborative and cost is high. Hence trying to find an antidote with less cost and easy availability to treat methanol toxicity and patent it.


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Dr. R. Ravindran Associate Professor & Head i/c Dr. R. Ravindran
Dr.G.Sathyanarayanan Assistant Professor Dr.G.Sathyanarayanan

Courses offered by the Department

Post Graduate

  • M.Sc Physiology (three years under CBCS)

Ph.D Programme

  • Ph.D in Physiology

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