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The History The Department of Nuclear Physics offers M.Sc.(Physics and Electronic Science),M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes. The teaching and research activities of the department concentrate on Experimental Solid State Physics and Materials Science,Position Annihilation in Solids,Mossbauer Spectroscopy,Magnetic Materials,Nanostructured Materials,Superconducting Materials,Structure Determination of Single Crystals and Powders using X-ray Diffraction Technique,Crystallite Size and Lattice Strain Analysis, Structure of Biological Macromolecules, Materials under pressure, Heavy Ion Reactions, Quark-Gluon Plasma, Condensed Matter Physics, etc. The department has the facilities of a separate Library and Computer Laboratory. The Department has special equipment like Differential Scanning Calorimeter,Differential Thermal Analysis,Thermogravimetric Analysis-Vibrating Sample Magnetometer-2D Position Angular Correlation-Positron Lifetime Spectrometer-1D Positron Angular Correlation Setup, Mossbauer Spectrophotometer with DAS, X-ray Diffractometer with High temperature attachment, Resistivity Setup with low temperature attachment, Doppler Broadening Setup, Impedance Analyser Metallurgical Optical Mocroscope, UHV-Chamber for preparation of nanomaterials, A.C.Suceptometer, Induction Furnace, Grinder/Polisher and crystal cutter, Hydraulic Mounting Press, Muffe/Box Furnaces, Micro-VAX-II, DEC Alpha Station and accessories and PCs. The Department has the expertise to offer consultancy in the following: Development and Characterisation of Magnetic Materials and the Fabrication of Magnets,Development of Varistors for High Voltage Applications, High voltage ceramic Capacitors, Nanoparticle (ultrafine)Technology, Structure Determination and Characterisation using X-ray Crystallography, Interfacing, Design of Electronic Gadgets, Computer Hardware and Software, Machine Jobs and Wokshop Facility. Year of Establishment : 1969


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Dr. C. Venkateswaran Professor & Head Dr. C. Venkateswaran
Dr.G.Anbalagan Professor Dr.G.Anbalagan
Dr. Stephen A. Professor Dr. Stephen A.
Dr.K. Ravichandran Associate Professor Dr.K. Ravichandran
Dr. K.Sivaji Professor Dr. K.Sivaji
Dr. J. Senthil Selvan Assistant Professor Dr. J. Senthil Selvan

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  • Physics

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