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About the Department

The Dept. of Jainology at the University of Madras, Chennai completes 30 years of yeomen service promoting the Philosophy of the Tirthankara Jinas in the Global Era. Estd by the Reearch Foundation for Jainology, Chennai, the Dept is committed to promoting Jaina Stuies in a secular and Effective way

Students of all four sects, besides non-Jains and foreigners study the deep philosophy of Lord Mahavira and master the Art of Right Living through 28 papers at the M.A level and then some proceed to M.Phil and Ph.D level. Many are absorbed as Guest Faculty in the Dept.

The eligibility for M.A is a bachelor's degree in any discipline and the fees for 2 years at the M.A level is only Rs.10,000/-

A beautiful library of nearly 4,000 books on Jainism isavailable for ready reference for students and researchers.



It is a worthwhile course for those seeking samyak-darshna and enlightenment. This year we have a Jain Sadhviji pursuing her Ph.D in theDept and a retired school head master from the Digambar community traveling everyday from Vandavasi.

Many workshops, Seminars, Special Lectures are conducted throughout the year and trips to different Jain heritage centers are also conducted which is a bit hit with the student community.

Admissions begin in the month of May and close by July every year for 4-semester with Pure Jaina Studies.

The Dept is one of its kind in South India promoting Jaina Yoga, Meditation and Spirituality to all sects. The practical application of Jain principles of Ahimsa, Anekanta and Aprarigraha, besides Samayika and Pratikramana in day to day life is of prime focus. Scientific study of Jain scriptures is imparted in a simple and effective way.

Age no bar for learning the deep secrets of life and living as taught by Lord Mahavira.


Course Content - Four Anuyogas

  • Jaina History, Art, Architecture and Iconography
  • Jaina Ethics - Aachar Mimamasa
  • Jaina Metaphysics - Tattva Mimamsa
  • Jaina Epistemology and Logic - Jnana Mimamsa
  • Study of Jaina Sacred Texts: Acharanga Sutra, Uttaradhyayana Sutra, Samayasara, Tattvartha Sutra, etc.
  • Jaina Spirituality, Legend of Srimad Rajchandra
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Jainism and Indian Culture
  • Prakrit Language and Literature
  • Meditation and Personality Development
  • Art of Right Living and Holistic Health


  • To Study the Jaina Scriptures and sacred texts systematically and profoundly.
  • To get a government recognized Degree from a prestigious University
  • To do contextual and inter-disciplinary study and research
  • To get high quality education at low cost fees
  • To understand reality and the deep spirituality and philosophy revealed by Lord Mahavira.
  • To master the art of right living through holistic application of Jaina Philosophy and Religious in the Global Era.
  • To realize the powers of healing and to tap the inherent potential of enlightment. 


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Dr.Priyadarshana Jain Assistant Professor and Head i/c Dr.Priyadarshana Jain

Courses offered by the Department

Post Graduate

  • M.A.Comparitive Relegion and Philosophy with Specialization in Jaina Studies

Ph.D Programme

  • Ph.D Degree in Jainology

Syllabus for the Courses Offered

P.G Degree
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M.Phil Degree
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