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a)      About the Department

 In view of the increasing importance of the study of Hindi, specially in the field of he comparative study of classics in Hindi and other Languages, Madras university had taken the lead in South India, by starting a separate Department of Research in Hindi as a part of the Oriental Research Institute.

The syndicate of the Madras University with  Dr.Sir. A. Lakshmanaswamy Mudaliar as the Vice-Chancellor resolved after the recommendation of the Senate, in the year 1951 that a research Department of Hindi should be instituted under the Oriental Research Faculty. Thus the Department was started on the 4th of April 1952 with Mr. S. Shankar Raju Naidu, M.A., (Agra), Sahitya Ratna (Allahabad), Honours in Hindi (Panjab) as the Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department, who had already published a book of original poems in Hindi by name “Geetopahar” consisting of lyrics manifesting the great ideals of The Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi who wrought freedom for the country. He had also brought out certain literary essays including a translation of a few stanzas from “Kaivalya Navaneetam”.

The city of Madras where the University is functioning, being the metropolis of the Tamil Speaking Area which geographically comprises the Southern most part of India stretching right up to Cape Comorin. Tamil being the Regional Language, it was found fit that a comparative study should first of all be taken up with the Ancient class of Tamil, the antiquity of which yet admits of its being explored.

“Tirukkural” believed to be of the 2nd century A.D., and Kambaramayanam of the 12th Century A.D. is the first magnificent epic of its Ancient period. Hence the Department of Hindi had concentrated its attention to the study of these classics comparing them with those of the relevant portions in Hindi. Works of Kabirdas, Bihari Lal and other Suktikaras of Hindi were compared with “Tirukkural” which is a treasure-house of common Ethical codes for all people of all times. Tulasidas’s Rama-Charita-Manas was compared with Kambaramayanam, both of which contain the same story of Rama as depicted by Valmiki. Kambaramayanam and Rama-Charita-Manas have very many deviation from their original in their plot constructions etc. The first publication of the department is a critical study of these two forms of the same picture, which leads us to interfere that Kambaramayanam is one of the sources for Rama-Charita-Manas.

The Department, in turn, had already brought out “Chilappadhiharam” in a nutshell. Among the Poetesses of Tamil and Hindi, “Andal and Meerabai” respectively provide scope for comparative study, as both belong to the same school of Krishna Bhakti cult, and take Lord Krishna himself as their husband, living their lives singing the eternal glory of the Lord. Hence “Andal and Meera” had been the subject of research and the study had already appeared in the Annals of  Oriental Research.

The above being the major line of research, there have been, however, other topics of work taken up by the Department, chief among them being “A Short History of Tamil Literature and its Modern Trends”, Development of Bhakti cult with special reference to South India and Shaiva Siddhanta Philosophy and their saints, in Hindi. Among the master poets of Hindi, special study of Chand Bardai, Bhushan and Surdas has been carried out. Now it may be mentioned that, though some thing tangible had been achieved in the field of the comparative study of Hindi and Tamil, much remains to be done, and it is hoped that in time to come the Department will not only widen and deepen its courses of research in Hindi not only with Tamil, but also all the Dravidian four viz, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.

Dr. S.N. Ganeshan (1962-89), Dr. Kuppusamy (1977-1994), Dr. Sarada Ramani (1983-94) rendered their services to the department. Dr. S.N. Ganeshan had published “A Comparative Grammar of Hindi and Tamil,” and “Research Methodology and Methods,” Dr. T.S. Kuppusamy  published a work on “Reethikaal”.

So far the Department produced more than 170 M.Phils and 24 Ph.D Degrees. At present 12 Full-Time and 6 Part-Time research Scholars are doing their Ph.D. Under the guidance of Dr. Syed Rahamathullah and Dr. Chitti. Annapurna. The Department conducting P.G. Courses also. More than 250 student received their M.A. Degree from this Department. All the the students who received their Post-Graduation Degrees are settled down as teachers, Lecturers, Translators and Hindi Officers in different schools, colleges and government sectors and spread over through out India. Students from different states are joining in P.G. course and Research field.

The UGC sponsored Project “UGC Programme of University with Potentials for Excellence : A Multi Lingual Dictionary of Indian Languages” a Major Research Project was completed. The Professor & The Head of the Department (Rted.) Dr. Syed Rahamathullah is the Principal Investigator of this Project.

The Department has conducted National Level Seminars on “Hormony Depicted in Hindi Literature”, “Religious Tolerance Depicted in the Literature of Hindi and Dravidian Saints”, “The Woman in Modern Hindi Literature”, “The Man Depicted in Hindi Literature,” and A National Convention on Indian Writers and Critics” and 2 International Seminars on, “Society Depicted in Hindi Literature” and “The      Empowerment of Women Depicted in Hindi Literature”. The Department of Hindi started The Certificate course in Hindi, Gujarat and Punjabi.

     Dr.Syed Rahamathullah has served the Department from 1982 to 2009 and retired as Professor and Head of the Department after his 27 years valuable service. He received many awards like the Best Professor award, awarded by The Urdu Academy, Chennai ( 2003) The Centenarian Seva Ratna award by the Centenarian Trust, Chennai (2004),  Creative Writers Award-2005 (for the book Bhasha ke Vivdh Roop) & Hindi Sevi Samman (2007)award by Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha, Chennai – 17 Rajabhasha Sevi Samman By IFFCO, Vidhyapathi award from International Mythili Association in 2009.


        He is served as a Member of the Executive Council as a Visitor’s Nominee of Mahatma Gandhi Antarraashtriya Hindi Viswavidyalay, Wardha ( 2003-2006) and also served as a syndicate member in Bharathidasan University, Trichchy as a Governor Nominee(2000-2003).


He is a renowned scholar. His area of specialization are Modern Hindi Fiction, Bhakti Literature (Sufism), Functional Hindi, and Translation. He published more than 8 Research and Reference books and Prose collections i.e., “Hindu-Muslim relations Depicted in Hindi Novels”, “ Prayojan Moolak Hindi”, “Bhasha ke Vividh Roop”, :Vyavasayik  Hindi” “Swarna Deepika” Gadya Mala, Gadhya poornima etc. Most of the books are prescribed as text-books for U.G. in Madras University and some other Indian Universities. Under His chairmanship text books were framed for Matriculation and Higher Secondary School level from 6th to 12th in 1996 and 2005. He translated the Book “Vajpeyi 31”(poetry collection)from Hindi to Telugu. He presented and published more than 50 research articles in different seminars/conferences and reputed national research Magazines. He attended more than 100 work shops and refresher courses as a resource person. He gave number of talks in global media. He organized some national seminars in the capacity of Director. He has produced 15 Ph.D.s and more than 130 M.Phils. He has 5 years U.G. and 27years P.G. Experience. He is the Principal investigator of the U.G.C. sponscered major Research Project ‘U.G.C Programme of  University with potentials for Excellence- A Multilingual Dictionary of Indian Language” and also his personal work on A Multi Lingual Glossary on Administrative Terminology is in Progress.


 At present Dr. Chitti. Annapurna is giving her services to the Department as a from 2000 and as Head i/c from  Feb.  2009. Dr. P.Saraswathi ( 2005) is serving in the Department as Assistant Professor. Dr. Chitti. Annapurna from the date of joining in the department published more than 20 articles in different magazines and presented more than 20 Research papers in different seminars. Her area  of specialization is Bakthi Literature, Comparative Studies  and Functional Hindi and Translation.   She completed a Minor Research Project on   “Social values Depicted in “Ramachartitmanas”  under Research starter’s Grant, University of Madras. She published titled “Katha Madhuri” (2004)and “ Katha Manjery” (2004)  and “Swarna Manjari” (2013) Short Story collections and Prayojan Moolak Hindi (2006) prescribed in U.G. Foundation course University of Madras. She gave talks in All India Radio Chennai and also attended work shops as a resource person. Till now she produced 28 M.Phils and 7 Ph.D. Degrees and 8 research scholars are doing Ph.D. under her Guidance.

Dr. P. Sarswathi, Assistant Professor has presented papers in various national and International Seminars organized by the Department of Hindi and University of Madras and other Reputed institutions. She has produced 4 M.Phil.  Degrees till now.


c) Details of placement assistance:   

                                      a)  High School and Higher Secondary School Teachers( Private & Govt.)

                                      b)  College Lecturers (Affiliated, Aided  & Govt)

                                      c)  University level postings

                                      d)  Hindi Officers and Translators (Central Govt. Offices)

                                      e)  Hindi Translators (Central Govt. Offices)

                                        f)  Other consultancies in the field of translations.




Details of Placement Assistance
  • High School and Higher Secondary School Teachers( Private & Govt)
  • College Lecturers (Affiliated, Aided & Govt)
  • University Professors
  • Hindi Officers (Central Govt Offices)
  • Hindi Translators (Central Govt Offices)
  • Other consultancies in the field of translations


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Dr. Chitti Annapurna Professor & Head Dr. Chitti Annapurna
Dr( Mrs). P. Saraswathi Asst. Professor Dr( Mrs). P. Saraswathi

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