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The Department of Crystallography & Biophysics was founded in 1952 with Prof. G.N. Ramachandran, F.R.S. as the Head. His genius guided the Department in its early years and led to several to pioneering discoveries. The Department is the home of the Triple Helical Structure of Collagen, the famous Ramachandran plot for the protein structure and application of anomalous scattering methods. In keeping with this great tradition, significant contributions to contemporary research topics continue to be made by the present faculty. The research theme of the faculty continues to be Structural Biology-viz, (i) to elucidate the structure - function relationship of biological systems with special emphasis on biopolymers; and (ii) the development of methodologies for structural characterization of biomolecules. Faculty members are involved in research on structure and function of biological molecules including proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, drug molecules etc. Methods used include theoretical and computational studies, computer modeling, X-ray Crystallography, NMR spectroscopy and other biophysical techniques. Research is also carried out on the development of crystallographic structure solution methods. Since its inception the department has published 1335 research papers so far and 22 books and volumes. The Department has hosted about 12 International conferences and about 45 at the National Level. A large number of distinguished scientists from India and abroad including more than 30 Nobel Laureates have visited the Department. Right from the beginning the University Grants Commission has been supporting the research activities of the Department generously through grants under CAS, SAP and COSIST programmes. The Department of Science and Technology has recognized this Department for assistance under FIST Programme (Level-II). The Department has recently been upgraded to the status of 'Centre of Advance Study' from April , 2007. In the past two years, UGC has sanctioned 15 Research Fellowships in Science for Meritorious Students of the Department. The Department conducts a two year M.Sc. (Biophysics) course besides the Ph.D. programme. The sophisticated equipment of the department includes single crystal X-ray diffractometer, IR, and UV visible spectrophotometers, ultracentrifuge, HPLC, several SGI workstations and a large number of PC's. A modern biochemical laboratory with state-of- the art equipment is also available. Recently the DBT has sanctioned a massive grant of Rs.2.53 Crores for establishing a macromolecular data collection facility.

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Professor & Head CAS in Crystallography & Biophysics University of Madras Maraimalai Adigalar Campus, Chennai- 600 025 Phone : 044-2220 2776 Fax : 91(44) 2230 0122


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Dr. P. Karthe Professor and Head Dr. P. Karthe
Dr. K. Gunasekaran Assistant Professor Dr. K. Gunasekaran
Dr.Preethi Ragunathan Assistant professor Dr.Preethi Ragunathan
Dr.K.Gugan Assistant professor Dr.K.Gugan
Dr.D.Gayathri Assistant professor Dr.D.Gayathri
Dr.V.Rajakannan Assistant professor Dr.V.Rajakannan
Dr.N.R.Sasirekha Assistant Professor Dr.N.R.Sasirekha
Dr.P.Rajashree Assistant Professor Dr.P.Rajashree

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  • M.Sc.Biophysics (Two years Program)

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  • Ph.D. Program

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