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About the Department

The Centre for South and Southeast Asian Studies, University of Madras, comes under the Area Studies Programme of the University Grants Commission.

It started functioning from the Academic Year 1977-78. The main focus of the Centre is on inter-disciplinary research programmes relating to Maldives, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

 The major emphasis is on analytical studies relating to foreign policies, political institutions, social, economic and cultural development. Priority is given to India's relations with South and Southeast Asian countries and problems faced by Indian immigrants in the region.


  • Offer Elective Courses in Area Studies and in International Relations to Post Graduate Students
  • Strengthen the M.Phil. and Ph.D. Programmes
  • Encourage the Faculty members to undertake academic research projects and consultancy projects
  • Increase Publication of Books, Monographs, Articles and
  • Set up an information Data Base, Computer Centre and Electronic Book Centre as the adjuncts to the existing Library of the Centre


  • Offering Research programs that meet and exceed accreditation and disciplinary standards
  • Serving a student population that reflects the diversity of South and Southeast Asia and the new global community
  • Providing students with an education in the Area Studies that allows them to develop their research skills
  • Preparing educators and scholars for successful careers
  • Creating original work in the Area Studies that contribute to the education of our students and to the general advancement of human understanding
  • Engaging with the community and industry in shared study discussion, performance, and professional training in the fields of Area Studies
  • Providing opportunities for cultural enrichment through research and humanistic events, activities and performances.


  • Analytical Research relating to South Asia (mainly Maldives and Sri Lanka) and Southeast Asia (mainly Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore)
  • Interpretive studies of the interaction between the Global System on one hand and South and Southeast Asian Systems on the other
  • Empirical Studies of bilateral and multilateral relations of India with South Asian and Southeast Asian neighbours including Indian immigrants in these regions and
  • Longitudinal and Cross sectional studies of Foreign Policies, Political, Economic, Social and Cultural Developments, Environmental Problems and Empowerment of Women in these regions

The Centre Library book collections are very rare and unique titles  on Sri Lanka, Singapore, Maldives, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Total Books- 3313

Monographs - 11

Journal (Bound Volume)- 1300

Ph.D Thesis - 17

M.Phil Dissertation - 77

Journals Subcription - 10


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Dr. I. Hiller Armstrong Assistant Professor Dr. I. Hiller Armstrong

Courses offered by the Department

Post Graduate

  • South and South East Asian Studies

M.Phil Courses

  • South & Southeast Asian Studies

Ph.D Programme

  • Ph.D.Programmes

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Research Scholars

Name Guide Topic Year Joined Year Completed Email Id
V.Harrieya Dr.S.Manivasakan 2011 2012
R.Mohan Dr.S.Manivasakan 2011 2012
V.Vandana Dr.S.Manivasakan 2011 2012
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Ph.D Nil
M.Phil 3
Ph.D Nil
M.Phil Nil