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The History

The Centre for Population Studies was started on February 2007 with the objective of interdisciplinary research and education on the Population related issues in the globalizing era. The thrust area of the centre has been on the analysis of the Demographic Dividend and the related Opportunities and Challenges. The Centre is focusing on the issues on education and employment, behavioural aspects, and health and environmental implications of growing population and the changing demographic structure. The Centre plans to introduce papers on population issues and start a Masters course on Population Resources Management. The adjunct faculties of the Centre are from various disciplines with an interdisciplinary focus on population issues.


The Missions of the Centre are:

  • To commission research papers and micro level studies to understand the population related issues.
  • Establish documentation facilities and acquire relevant data.
  • Establish collaborations and networks with external population research centres and institutes and with leading donor agencies.
  • Organize workshops/seminars/conferences to discuss and disseminate the knowledge of population related issues.
  • Develop a course on Population Studies and provide special training in quantitative methods for the students and faculty.


The visions of the Centre are:

  • To study and analyse the issues of 'demographic dividend' and 'population ageing".
  • To examine the 'management' of population growth as a 'human resource', focusing on the aspects of education, employment and living standards.
  • To study and analyse the inclusive growth of marginalized and deprived groups of the population in the development processes.
  • Developing the use of ICT and knowledge capital in the analyses of population issues.
  • Developing The policy framework for a healthy human development programmes.

Thrust Areas of Research

The Centre focuses on Research and Teaching. The main thrust areas of the Centre are:

  • Population growth - structure and demographic dividend.
  • Population growth, human resources and economic development.
  • Behavioural aspects of population growth.
  • Population growth, health, employment and environment.


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Dr.D.Sathiyavan Head in-Charge Dr.D.Sathiyavan

Courses offered by the Department

Post Graduate

  • A course on "Population Economics" introduced as part of the Masters Programme in Econometrics.

Syllabus for the Courses Offered

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