Department of Central Instrumentation and Service Laboratory

About the Department


This centre was established in 1976 as the Central Instrumentation and Service Laboratory and later upgraded in 1980 as the University Science Instrumentation Centre (USIC). The UGC established the centre for providing Instrumentation and Engineering service facilities for Scientific Research as well as for promoting R&D in instrumentation Technology.


  • To achieve excellence in the area of instrumentation.
  • Design and Fabrication of Instruments
  • Servicing of Instruments
  • Supplying of Liquid Nitrogen to carry out low-temperatur studies
  • Teaching and Research in advanced areas of Instrumentation
  • Training technical staff to produce skilled manpower





  • Microprocessor and Microcontroller LAB
  • Electronic Instrumentation Lab
  • DSP Lab
  • Facility for testing and servicing of Electronic instruments
  • Facility for developing IC-Based circuit Boards for use in computers and instruments.


  • Liquid Nitrogen Plant (PLN 106 Philips Make) with Chiller Plant.
  • Storage Oscilloscopes (40 MHz), FPGA/ Microcontroller / NI- DAQ - Development Kits
  • Electrophoretic Units
  • FTIR Instrument, HPTLC, UV Visible Spectrophotometer, XRD Instrument, Total Organic Carbon Analyzer, Leopylizer, Fermenter etc. (GNR Instrumentation Block)


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Dr. D. Nedumaran Professor and Head Dr. D. Nedumaran

Courses offered by the Department

Post Graduate

  • M.Sc.Electronics Science in collaboration with Theoretical Physics and Nuclear Physics Departments

M.Phil Courses

  • Scientific Instrumentation

Ph.D Programme

  • Ph.D. Program

Syllabus for the Courses Offered

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M.Phil Degree
PHY C221 Principles of Instrumentation Download
PHY C222 Microprocessors and Computing in Instrumentation Download
PHY E221 Scientific Instrumentation Download

Fees Structure

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M.Phil Degree
Scientific Instrumentation Download
Ph.D Degree
Ph.D Download


Timetable for All Courses Download
Timetable for All Courses Download

Research Scholars

Name Guide Topic Year Joined Year Completed Email Id
R.Ethiraj K.Padmanabhan & S.Ananthi Develpment of Novel Control Circuits for Instrumentation 1999 2001
G.Shanmugavel K.Padmanabhan & S.Ananthi ECG Signal Analysis 1999 2001
Sudhahar K.Padmanabhan & S.Ananthi Chirp -Z transform Applications in Instrumentation 1999 2001
Anbhuchezhiyan K.Padmanabhan & S.Ananthi Fuzzy Logic Applications 1999 2001
V.Vaithaiyanathan D.Nedumaran Signal processing Techniques for ECG signals 2000 2002
M.Manonmani S.Ananthi CT Scanning - New Methods for Signal Analysis 2003 2004
Kandan D.Nedumaran Signal processing Applications 2003 2004
Suresh D.Nedumaran circuit desiging 2003 2004
Baskaran D.Nedumaran PLC based controller 2003 2004
R.Daniel S.Ananthi Neural Network Applications in Instrumentation 2003 2004
V.Kavitha S.Ananthi Wavelet Transfrom and Applciations 2003 2004
V.Bharathiraja D.Nedumaran PLC with control Applications 2004 2005
P.Catherine S.Ananthi Digital Signal PRocessing & Applications in Instrument Maintenance 2004 2005
S.Jeyaprakash D.Nedumaran Electronic based design systems 2005 2006
G.Murali D.Nedumaran control processing 2005 2006
M.K. Viyayakumar D.Nedumaran Wavelet Transform - Functions of electronics 2005 2006
K.Neelagandan S.Ananthi Wavelet Transform Applications in Non linear devices testing 2005 2006
R.Gowri Shankar Rao S.Ananthi Digital Signal Processor based power controll modules 2006 2006
Gurumurugan D.Nedumaran Labview and Bio-signal Processing 2006 2007
D.Ambica D.Nedumaran Kalman Filters in Instrumetation 2006 2007
M. Selvakumar S.Ananthi NMR signal processing using avanced transforms 2006 2007
K.R. Balaji S.Ananthi Automatic Test equipments 2006 2007
K.Thilageswari S.Ananthi Java Prograaming in Instrumentation Applciations 2007 2008
J.Thomas S.Ananthi FPGA - A study and Applications 2007 2008
R.Nithya S.Ananthi Vibration analysis with Labview 2008 2009
G.Dhanya S.Ananthi Develeopemt new materials for use with Storage divices and processing 2008 2009
T. Mohanalakshmi D.Nedumaran Instrumentation analysis 2008 2009
R.Gurumauruagan D.Nedumaran Labview for bio signal analysis 2008 2009
R.Sri Narayana Kumar S.Ananthi Microcontroller based voltage stabilizer using PIC device 2009 2010
C.Usharani S.Ananthi Gabor Transform applciations in Solid state NMR signal Analysis 2009 2010
C.Ramya D.Nedumaran Image processing & Applications 2009 2010
M.K.Gayathri D.Nedumaran Signal Processing - New methods 2009 2010
R.Suresh S.Ananthi Bio medical signal Anlysis with Labview Software with special interest to ECG 2010 2011
Karthick S.Ananthi Arm Processor Applications for Strain measurement with moving loads 2010 2011
Vijaya D.Nedumaran Study of virtual Instrumetnaion concepts in Image processing 2010 2011
Sandhya D.Nedumaran Pattern Recognition in x-ray images of value added fruits using geometric invariant moment technique 2010 2011
V.Dhanalakshmi S.Ananthi Wavelet Applciations in Image processing and Analysis 2010 2011
Gunaseelan S.Ananthi Optimal design of sequential timing process operation using Allen Bradley PLCs 2011 2012
V. Vignesh S.Ananthi Performance and design of sharp notch filter using TI6747 DSP processor for high frequency digital communication applications 2011 2012
Durairaj D.Nedumaran Electronic instrumentation 2011 2012
Name Guide Topic Year Joined Year Completed Email Id
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Ph.D 14
M.Phil 40
Ph.D Nil
M.Phil Nil