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Bioinformatics (BI) in India


Bioinformatics resources – Nucleotide sequence database, protein sequence database, sequence alignment, protein 3d structure, phylogeny & taxonomy, biomolecular networks, computational resources, online course and tutorials, books, journals, lists of universities ...

Genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics knowledgebase – sequence databases, analysis, diseases and disorders, molecular pathways & networks, methods & protocols, journals, conferences, software, companies . . .

Industry news – Bioinformatics, Biotherapeutics, Genomics,  Proteomics . . . . – Links Bioinformatics, Genomics, Proteomics, Biotechnology, Molecular biology directory . . . . .

Bioinformatics course materials & lectures . . .

Bioinformatics support & analysis, jobs, forum, user blogs . . . .

Bioinformatics tutorial

Genes & diseases, databases, tutorials, graphic resources . . . . .

Bioinformatics educational resource – databases, tutorials, for protein and proteome, glossary, lectures, 3d flash and graphic resource, animation, ppts, posters . . . . .

European Molecular Biology Network (EMBNET) brings Bioinformatics professionals to work together to serve fields of Genetics and Molecular biology

Jean library of biological macromolecules gallery, protein, DNA, DNA – protein complexes, RNA – protein complexes, carbohydrates . . . . .

Bioinformatics web – comprehensive educational resource.  Definitions, history, databases, tools & software downloads, companies, protocols, tutorials, Bioinformatics open student society

Poxvirus Bioinformatics resource center

RCSB – protein databank – an information portal to biological macromolecular structures

South West Biotechnology & Information center



Bioinformatics Society open to all; open source software, online database, online analysis tools . . .

Abstract database for life sciences ......

Bioinformatics database and tools guide

World’s largest abstract database




Bioinformatics tools – Fox Chase Cancer Center

Bioinformatics tools

CHIP Bioinformatics tools - free for academic users

Accelrys provides sequence analysis and genomic data management tools – easy to use & customizable

Life science modeling & simulation

Bioinformatics service – computational tools for biological complexity – free resource for modeling & computational biology

Molecular modeling software

European Bioinformatics tools

Software for DNA analysis

National Library of Medicine BI tools

Bioinformatics software

ABIM online analysis tools



Bioinformatics – journal published by Oxford University Press

Highwire Press - Free online full text articles

In silico biology – an international journal on computational molecular biology

Peer reviewed online journal – open access

View free abstracts of IEEE Bioinformatics

Evolutionary bioinformatics online  2005 +



e-books in Bioinformatics

e-bookstore – e-books in experimental biology and biomedicine, genomics bioinformatics and systems biology

e-books - Springerlink publisher



Latest news, research articles, bioinformatics courses, directory, companies, conference, links to stem cell research, computational biology, RSS news feed . . .

Biochemistry, Bioinformatics, Biology, Cancer & Stem cell research news

Biomedical Information Science & Technology Initiative (BISTI) – Bioinformatics news & events



Bioinformatics in India

Bioinformatics Institute of India

Bioinformatics services company based in Chennai

Bioinformatics, Schools & Courses in India, tutorials, books jobs . . .


Bioinformatics in India – DBT distributed information centers and sub centers offering diploma in Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics Web - Comprehensive educational resource on Bioinformatics , Bioinformatics courses in India



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