Brief History

Mission of Library:
           Situated in Taramani, in the vicinity of many Information hubs of our capital city of Chennai, this Library of the Madras University’s Information System has a calm and serine atmosphere for peaceful study and research. The primary mission of this library is to support the educational and research programs of the University by providing physical and intellectual access to information, consistent to the present and anticipated educational and research functions of the University.                            

           Equipped with all Modern facilities for a University Library, like Online Information Zone (OLIZ), Electronic Resource Centre (ERC),Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC), Digital Library of Ph.D. Theses, Reprographic facilities etc., this library serves as an Information centre not only for the Faculty, Researchers and Students of the Madras University but also to the other Scientific and Research Institutions around the Science City area. We have a collection of 14,473 books, 360 periodicals including 40 Current titles in the field of basic medical sciences, apart from 8068 back volumes, 876 theses and 354 educational CD ROMs, and blessed with a devoted team of professionals to guide our readers with all recent information. The Library functions from 9 a.m to 6 p.m Monday to Friday and from 10 a.m to 4 p.m during weekends.

Vision of Library:
           As a center of regular intellectual inquiry, this Library shares the University’s aspiration to be one of the most dynamic learning environments of the nation. In marching abreast with the world class libraries and adapting the current trend of setting up digital libraries, we have created a digital library of theses and are in the process of digitizing other information available. Knowing the fact that Knowledge is Power, we make sure that we empower the nation by providing knowledge to our users.

Contact Person:

Assistant Librarian and Library i/c
University of Madras

About Librarian

Head, Madras University Taramani Campus Library
Dr. ALM.Post Graduate Institute of Basic Medical Sciences
Phone No : 24547220
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            SOUL and WIN/ISIS Softwares are used to create databases for the Documents housed in the Library.  SOUL software (Software for University Libraries), is used for issue and return of documents. In addition, Database of Books, Periodicals, Theses and Educational CD’s housed in the Library are made available in WIN/ISIS software to members of the Library.

            46,816 photocopies, the highest number in any of the Madras University Libraries, were made for the users of the Library, at the Reprographic Section during the period July 2011 – June 2012.


LIBRARY WEB PORTAL: A specially designed and developed Web Portal for the Library is available on the INTRANET of the campus, which enables the users to access from their desktops, many useful information frequently required by them, like Online Public Access Catalogue, links to online journals subscribed, links to electronic resources available through consortia of the UGC – INFONET programme, link to Guindy Campus Library, Madras University web page, Subject Gateways etc. This portal is also used to communicate the campus news, important events and other related information to the users through the campus Intranet.

ONLINE INFORMATION ZONE (OLIZ):  A modern online zone with 20 computers connected to the INTERNET is exclusively used by the Research Scholars/ Students for accessing scientific information not only from the online Journals subscribed by the University, but also from the Electronic Journals and resources made available in the consortia of the UGC – INFONET programme.

ONLINE PUBLIC ACCESS CATALOGUE (OPAC): Opac which is available to the users with the help of application Softwares SOUL and WIN/ISIS, assists the users in ascertaining the availability of needed information source in the Library.

ELECTRONIC RESOURCE CENTRE (ERC):  A well equipped electronic resource centre, supplemented the users with audio visual information accompanied in CDs with the Books and Journals purchased.

INTRANET:  Intranet facility of the Library helps the users to access Electronic information and resources from their own desktops from their respective departments, thus saving the time of the users.

SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM: A modern surveillance system with web camera has been installed at the issue counter, in order to monitor the user movements, issues and withdrawals of library materials.
Our Library is the first to attempt such surveillance system for maintaining the security of the Library materials. 
LANGUAGE LABORATORY: A Language Laboratory has been established in the library with latest language teaching Software (Orell), for updating the Language & communication skill of the Faculty and Scholars of the campus and started providing support for language learning.

DIGITAL LIBRARY: In marching abreast with the world class libraries and adapting the current trend of setting up digital libraries, our library has created a digital library of theses. Entire Ph.D. theses holding of the library with about 800 titles have completely been scanned and saved in Pdf. format and added to this digital library. Our library is again the first in the University’s Library system to successfully create and host a digital library for its readers through the campus Intranet.  

VIRTUAL LIBRARY: A virtual library has been inaugurated through the Tele Communication consultant private limited, a Government of India enterprise, enabling the scholars to interact with scholars of other institutions.

EXTENSION SERVICE: MALIBNET and IIT Cards were issued to Research scholars and PG students for their reference work through the Institutional membership.

Major Subjects/Branches : Basic Medical Sciences:

            Anatomy, Neuroscience, Biochemistry, Endocrinology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Microbiology,  Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, National Centre for Ultrafast Process.