Madras University Libarary was established in 1907 in the Connemara Public Library. The existing library building, built in Indo-British style was opened on 3rd September 1936. This Building is built with the pointed arches in granite, domes with octagonal base. The kiosks resemble the Islamic Architecture in India.



Library caters to information needs to the faculty, research scholars & PG students of the following schools of study:

School of Social Sciences

School of Management Studies

School of Historical Studies

School of Economics

School of Philosophy & Religious Thoughts

School of Fine & Performance Arts

School of Information & Communication Studies

School of Political and Internaltional Studies

School of Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science Studies

School of English & Foreign Languages

School of Earth and Atmospheric Science

It also caters to the information needs of Colleges, Universites & other Institutes/ Industries.