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Resources for Social Sciences
Bubl link - Main subject menus
The Web of Science for access to ISI citation databases, SSCI etc.
Social Science subjects
Central Archive for Empirical Social Research, University Cologne
Statistical research on the web
Statistical resources on the web - Sociology (Crime)
Social Science Research Methods - key resources for finding information
Social Research Update
Research resources for the Social Sciences
Social Science Information Gateway
Social Science Hub - Research methods
Dataweb - Network of online data libraries
Sociology links
Sociology resources
World Wide Web Research tools

Reference Sources
Online dictionary of the Social Science
Online dictionary
Glossary of Social Science Computer and Social Science data terms
Statistical glossaries and related glossaries
Statistics glossary V1.1
International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences

E-Journals & Databases
Scholarly journals distributed via the World Wide Web
Social Science ejournals
Online archive of scholarly journals - Provides extensive back-runs of journals in the Social Sciences
SARA - Scholarly Articles Research Alerting
Social Science Research - Journal devoted to Quantitative Social Science Research and Methodology
Qualitative Research Journals
The Qualitative Report - Online Journal dedicated to qualitative research and critical inquiry since 1990
International Journal of Qualitative methods

Qualitative Methods
Directory of Electronic Thesis and Dissertation currently in progress
Electronic Thesis and Dissertation in Humanities: A directory of online references & resources
Theses and Dissertations
Writing the Dissertation
Web Survey resources
Guide to Questionnaires and Surveys - Resource guides
Question bank-Social Science Surveys Online
Research methodology tutorials
Research Methods knowledge Base
Writing guides - Quantitative and Qualitative Research
Qualitative papers; posters, abstracts etc.
Methodology in the Social Sciences - Selected Resources
Questia - The World's largest online library of 47,000 books and 375,000 journals, magazines and newspaper articles
Hyper Research - Qualitative data analysis software
Centre for Applied Social Surveys
Social Science research methods - Qualitative methods
Internet for social research methods
Web survey methodology
Research team papers

Quantitative Methods
Hyperstat online textbook
Resources for Methods in Evaluation and Social Research
Free statistical software
Quantitative resources
Statistics resources
Training in statistics - Practical training sessions aimed at non statisticians
ANOVA and t test software
Surfstat Australia: an online text in introductory statistics
Co stat's statistical procedures
Matstat Research Consulting Inc. - Research Design, Research Analysis - free consultation
Social Science Research Methods - Quantitative method
Webpages that perform statistical calculation
Evaluation of information sources

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