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CERN Scientific Information Services
Physics Reference Sources
New Jersey Institute of Technology - Web resources in physics
Physics news, jobs and resources
American Physical Society - A century of Physics
Physics Internet Resources
Physics 2000 - Interactive Journey through Modern Physics
Science databases
Glossary of Nuclear Science terms
Physics Resources on the Web
Physics Web Resources
Digital Encyclopedia of Applied Physics
Oxford Reference Online
NTNU Virtual Physics Laboratory
Physics Resources on the Web
Contributions of 20th century women to Physics
Physics and Astronomy Online
Martindale's Reference Desk Physics Center
SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center) Library - eResources - Physics
Nobel Laureates in Physics - 1901 to Present
Software Directories
Internet Resources in Physics
Albert Einstein Online

Nuclear Physics

Frontiers in Nuclear Physics - An Infrastructure cooperation Network supported by
the European Commession
RTD programmes in Nuclear Physics
ABC's of Nuclear Science
Virtual Library - Nuclear Physics
Software resources for Data acquisition and Data analysis in Nuclear Physics

Particle Physics
CERN Document server
CERN - European Organisation for Nuclear Research and the world's largest
Particle Physics center
Particle Physics Resources
Particle Physics education sites
Online Particle Physics information
Particle Physics journals and reviews

Solid State Physics
Division of Solid State Physics at Lund University
Solid State Physics - Web links
Eric Weisstein's World of Physics

Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia
Solid State Physics
Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics - Cornell University
Solid State theory groups at National Renewable Energy Lab in Colorado
Research Institute for Solid State Physics and Optics of Hungarian Academy of

Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Physics links
Google directory of Quantum Mechanics
dmoz Open Directory Project - Quantum Mechanics
Visual Quantum Mechanics
Eric Weisstein's World of Physics - Quantum Mechanics
Web pages on Quantum Mechanics
Student understanding of Quantum Mechanics



Nanotechnology Web links
Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Journal of Nanoscience and Technology
Online Patent Database provides access to Information Nano related developments
Global portal for all Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Resources Online
Nanoscale Science and Technology: a weekly multi journal compilation of the latest research on nanoscale systems

Documents / Journals / Research news
Physics Review focus
ejournals by subject
Nuclear Physics annual review
Alphabetical journal list - spin abstracts
Online journal publishing service - spin web
Physics resource network
Physics News update
e-print archive
Home page of Elsevier Physics
Physics Documents in Asia
Physics related free - access journals
Nature Materials
Nature Physics portal
Physics news, jobs and resources
Scientific research news, sources
Virtual Journals in Science and Technology

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