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Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)


Open Sources




Selected internet resources in all subjects

Nobel Prize Internet Archive


Social Sciences

Social Science Information gateway


Library and Information Science

Asian open source centre – promoting open source and free software in Asia

E-Prints in Library and Information Science

Librarian’s Internet Index

National Research Centre for free/Open Source Software


Physical Sciences

PSIgate provides access to evaluated network based information services and resources in the physical sciences.


Medical Sciences

Health  InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative



Access to Global online  Research in Agriculture  (AGORA)

CIMMYT : an international  Maize and Wheat Improvement Centre



Free On-line Chemistry journals

Library and Information Science – Digital Library – Online Journals

Bioline international  - Open Source Journals and Online Resources, Directories, News and  guide to scientific information on the Web

Publisher of more than 150 peer-reviewed Open Access Journals

The British Library  -  ejournals

National Preservation Office – NPO ejournals

Directory of Open Access  Journals

Physics related free access journals

European  Scientific  Co-operative on  Phytotherapy – European  Phytojournal – free online

Highwire Press hosts the largest repository of free,  full-text, peer-reviewed content, with 926 journals



MedInd  -  Full text of 33 journals indexed in InMed which is a bibliographic database of Indian Biomedical journals

Digital Information in the Information Research field

Free scholarly electronic journals: an annotated webliography

Free library of scholarly journals (Plant Tissue culture)

30  medical journals – free fulltext

Public Library of Science – premier open-access journals in Biology and Medicine

The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature.

Nutrition Bytes – Free fulltext



National Chemical Laboratory, Pune (Theses full text free).  



Indian Patent design and trademark office

Free online access to first Indian patent searchable database

Internet sites for patent search


Canadian                             - 

European                             - 

NIC                                    -  

Thai                                     - 

US                                      -  

WIPO – PCT  database         


Other Sources  


Government  Sites

Govt. of India – Directory

Govt. of India

Parliament of India

Rajbhavan  (Tamil Nadu)


Libraries, Library Associations and Information Centers

American Library Association

British Council Library – India

Central Reference Library (Kolkata)

The European Library

Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centres

International Federation of Library Association

American Library  (Madras)

National Library of India

National Library of Medicine

Online Computer Library Centre

Raja Rammohun Roy  Library Foundation

United Nation Educational and Scientific Organisation



Chennai’s old libraries