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Aspects of GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) technology
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Collection of internet resources which one may consult when working in the biolab
UK's gateway to high quality internet resources in Biological and biomedical research. Comprehensive data on Fungi regarding classification, collection, genetics and pathogenecity is available.
Endangered species.
Pesticide related weblinks.
Herbs and Aromas - Medicinal plants and properties.

Crustacean - related resources on the web.
Extensive list of plant related web resources with descriptive annotations for each site.
Aquatic plants.
Grin taxonomy.
Edible and medicinal plants.
Bio Online provides research news, industry news, market research, investment research. Areas covered are genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, biotherapeutics, bioengineering, drug discovery and immunotechnology. Access to webcasts of discussions of current topics are also available.
Resources of new technologies in Life Sciences.
Internet's one stop - shop for worldwide Biotech industry.
Digital market place for bioresearch. Is a premier information source for biological research industry.
A free guide to finding zoology related information on the net. Indudes infomation on organisms, an index to organism names, systematics and taxonomy and an excellent resource guide for mammals.
Specialized provider of web based products and information services to the Life Science.
Website for bioscience entrepreneurs.
Offers a choice of Life Science databases. Covering patents, journals and conferences used by research.
Biology links.
Medicinal plant information.
Mycological research.
Marenet is the worldwide Network of Marine Research Institutions and Documents.
Plant identification.
Plant science literature, databases and online learning.
Pedro's biomolecular research tools.
Medicinal plant images and databases.
Scicentral - Biological Sciences - Metadirectory maintained by professional scientists.
A short list of plant based medicinal drugs.
Discovery link gives access to 25 million assays and 400,000 compounds - answer in 15 seconds.

Aspects of GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) technology

Abstracts and Indexes
Dissertation Express
If the publication number, author or title of the dissertation that is required is known, Dissertations Express in the fastest and easy ordering service

Proquest Digital Dissertations
Free access to most current two years of citations and abstracts of the Dissertations.
BIOSIS Reviews,
Zoological Record - The world's premier source for animal science research. Coverage is 4500 serials every year.
Biological Abstracts
Produced by BIOSIS, the world's largest abstracting and indexing science for Life Sciences; coverage is 4000 serials every year.
CAB Abstracts is a bibliographic database compiled by CABI publishing. It covers significant research and development literature in the fields of forestry, human nutrition, animal health, management and conservation of natural resources. Coverage 4 million records.
Aquatic Science Fisheries Abstracts
Derwent's Biotechnology Abstracts provides details of advances in processes and applications of biotech research from journals, conferences and patents.
Derwent's Innovations Index is a web accessible product that merges Derwent World Patent index and Patents Citation Index.

Biology journals online.
Electronic Journals (Publication Type) A - Z
Lists online available journals and newsletters related to Marine Science
Electronic journal of biotechnology is a scientific pre-reviewed journal edited exclusively in electronic format. Research and Review articles available are free on the web.
AquaOnline - gateway to Aquatic biology and Ecology Research.
Life Sciences electronic journal list.
Current Contents / Life Sciences provides access to 1370 of world's leading Life Science journals.
Website for Journal Crustaceana which is the foremost journal in the world on Crustacean research.

Information Services / Consortias
'Catchword' provides internet access to full text of articles of almost 50 research journals published by a number of leading scholarly and academic publishers.
'Dialog' is the worldwide leader in providing online based information services. Their products are a combination of highly accurate online research tools offering access to unique and relevant database designed to meet the specific needs of a wide range of
Delivers scientific and medical research online in high quality web environments.
'Ideal' service provides access to recent issues of about 170 journals published by Academic Press.
'Science Direct' service is a web database for scientific research that contains full text of more then 1000 Elsevier Science Journals in Life, Physical, Medical, Technical and Social Sciences available through internet. It contains abstracts from core journals in the major scientific disciplines and is the most comprehensive database of primary literature in the Sciences available today.
'OCLC Firstsearch' connects a world of Libraries to a universe of information, gives library users instant online access to more than 70 databases with links to 5.9 million online full text articles, full image articles from over 3500 electronic journals.
'Ovid' provides the resources that researchers in universities and colleges depend on. Their coverage of databases in a broad range of subjects makes Ovid an ideal solution for Libraries and Consortia around the world.

Research News
Bio.Com's live webcasts
All past In Focus webcast recordings and manuscripts
Current Bioinformatics news and online Bioinformatics discussions.

Industry News

Biological conservation newsletter.
Protozoology newsletter.

Biomednet Reviews - World's largest resource for Life Science researchers.
Product reviews by scientists for scientists - definitive resource of knowledge and tools biological researchers need.

Patent News - monthly publication, Patent Report - 6 times a year.
Comprehensive database of patent documents published in the world.

Collection of links to protocols used in biosciences
Protocols for Molecular biology, Neurobiology, Developmental biology, Cell biology, Microbiology, Plant biology, Biochemistry etc.
Directory of protocols, journals and forums in the area of biology.

Comprehensive collection of lab troubleshooting resources, newsgroups and protocols in molecular biology.
Links to useful and well organised sites for educational resources, methods and protocols and current research.

Computational Software
Primer Premier V5 - Primer design software amplifies across species or
defect pathogens, designs high amplification efficiency primer for PCR,
sequencing and hybridization with a built-in automatic search mode that tailors
stringency to the template and one can design primers for difficult templates at
the click of a button.
DNA Microarray Software: Batch PCR primer design and hybridization probe design tool for Windows. Supports many specialized needs like ORF studies and SNP detection using primer extension. Can be used with DNA chip and gene chip arrays.
LABTrack represents an exciting new development in Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) - a new generation called Electronic Lab Notebooks. Typically, LIMS store only reduced and/or approved data. LABTrack can store all of the data that is produced in the lab - raw and reduced.

Conference links of the Network of Marine Research Institutions.
Crustacean related conference news.
Calendar for events in genetics, biotechnology, bioinformatics, biochemistry and immunology.
Conference links for protozoology
Conference links of biological and agricultural science.
World's largest listing of call for papers. Tracking the call for papers from various universities and professional bodies.

Life Science Publishing
Provides links to online writing and presenting Research Work.

Awards / Grants / Fellowship
Mycological Society of America.
University of Michigan Life Sciences, Values and Society Program.
National Academy of Sciences.
National Science Foundation.
Oxford Center for Molecular Sciences.
USDA biotech risk assessment research grants.
Society of protozoologist.

PDF News / Biocareers is the premier job site for scientists. Every week one can find hundreds of new job postings, employer profiles, a resume/CV database and career advice; all the tools needed to find a top job in the industry.

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