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Ballistic Impregnation
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Plant Tissue Culture
Many dimensions of Plant Tissue Culture research
Plant Tissue Culture - Biotechnology
Plant Tissue Culture Information exchange
International association for Plant Tissue Culture
Plant biotechnology workshop
Scitalk - Plant Tissue Culture
Agbiotechnet directory lists major organisations involved in Tissue Culture
Plant Tissue Culture
Plant Tissue Culture and Transformation facility
Plant Tissue Culture links
Plant Tissue Culture at Liverpool
Plant Tissue Culture at TERI - India
Micropropagation Technological park

Plant Genetic Engineering
Plant genetic engineering - Methodology
FDA - CFSAN Biotechnology
Genetic engineering news top 100 sites
Plant genome data and information center
National Center for Biotechnology Education Guide - Genetically
Transformer protocol - Student's guide
Plant Genetic Engineering
Genetically modified plants
A biotechnology resource for teachers of post - 16 biology

Genetic Engineering Applications

Insect resistance
Disease resistance
Herbicide tolerance
New Era applications
Biotechnology information - other applications
EPA - Regulating Biopesticides

Ballistic Impregnation
Ballistic impregnation
Ballistic transformation : Principles of gene gun and how it works
Plant transformation by particle bombardment

Method for single cell and bulk tissue electroporation
Characterization of cell membrane electroporation
Electroporation and Electrofusion products

Antisense Technology
Antisense technology
Xenbase community tranining in antisense technology

Biotechnology Resources

Databases for Biotechnology

Internet resources for Biotechnology
Modern techniques in plant biotechnology
Biotechnology websites
Agricultural Biotechnology
Plant Biotechnology - Scoping the sciences
Biotechnology Internet Resources
Graphic gallery - representing important processes of biotechnology
Online service for Agricultural biotechnology information resource
Practical techniques
European 'Ask a Scientist' site in Biotechnology
Biospace: Internet links
Environmental impacts (Ecological risks)
Biotechnology sources and links

Biotechnology basics
Biotech Timeline
Biotechnology Information Directory Section - World Wide Web Virtual Library
Information sources

Biotechnology links
Bioprocessing Engineering Laboratory - Plant Biotechnology techniques
Biotechnology - Gateway
Growmore Biotechnology - India
Information on U.K. Biotechnology
International service for the acquisition of Agri-biotechnology applications
Research resources
Annotated list of sites related to Agricultural/Environmental Biotechnology
Free Electronic Resources (Rowland Medical Library)
Biotechnology information resources
Agricultural Biotechnology patents and new technologies
Information systems for Biotechnology
Science Advisory Board - Tools and techniques of Plant Biotechnology
Teri - Internet resources

Journals and Newsletters
Plant Tissue Culture - Journals and newsletters

Electronic Journals for Biotechnology
Links-Biotechnology Journals on the web
BMC Biotechnology
Article search
In Vitro Cellular and Developmental Biology - Plant
Plant Link Library - Plant Biotechnology Journals
EJB - Electronic Journal of Biotechnology
Journal of Plant Biotechnology published by Korean Society of Plant Biotechnology
Plant cell, Tissue and Organ culture: An International Journal on Biotechnology of Higher plants
Nature Biotechnology - Journal
Springer Journals

BioABACUS - Biotechnology Abbreviation & Acronym Uncovering Service
Biotechnology and food glossary
Biotechnology - Ireland's biotechnology information source
Virtual library Biotechnology - Data Standards and Glossaries

Seminars / Events
Calendar of events in Tissue Culture
Biotechnology - Meetings and Seminars Calendar
Events: Congresses, Meeting and Courses

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