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Separation Methods
Spectroscopic Methods
Electroanalytical Techniques
Statistics / Chemometrics
Sample Preparation
Laboratory Information Management
Analytical Environmental Chemistry
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Separation Methods
Basic LC
HPLC web resources
Ion exchange chromatography
Gas chromatography
Basic HPLC equipment
An introduction to chromatography
Chromatographic separation
Electrophoresis society
Umea University - Analytical Chemistry - Chromatography
HPLC frames
Separations index
Chromatography resources
High resolution gas chromatography
HPLC troubleshooter
LC resources

New online resource serving the separation science community. Providing information on Capillary Electrophoresis, Gel Electrophoresis, Capillary Electrochromatography, Gas chromatography guide, HPLC including GPC & SEC and Hyphenated techniques.

Spectroscopic Methods

Chemluminescence movies
Chemluminescence reaction and Liquid Chromatography
Chemluminescence sites of interest - Gas phase, Solution phase, Solid Phase and History of Chemluminescence

Mass Spectrometry
Mass Spectrometry data analysis resources
Spectroscopy Now's e-zine
New online resource serving the spectroscopy community - Links to IR,MRI,MS,NMR,RAMAN,UV,X-RAY Chemometrics and Proteomics,4-5-7-0-0-ezine-0-0,00.html
Fragments - Mass Spectrometry e-zine


NMR periodic table
Structure searchable database providing a source of experimentally - referenced NMR data
ACD/Labs NMR prediction tool can be used to calculate chemical shifts and coupling constants where appropriate for a rarity of chemical structures
Basics of NMR
NMR information resource links

Electroanalytical Techniques
Electrochemistry resources
Society for Electroanalytical Chemistry - organisation links
Analytical Chemistry lecture materials - on Coulometry, Potentiometry etc.
Electroanalytical techniques

Cyclic Voltameter
Theory and applications - Polarography, Potentiometry, Cyclic ...
Electrochemical society
Electrochemistry software - Polarography.com5.3

Statistics / Chemometrics
Statistics for Analytical Chemistry
Britol Chemometrics website
Chemweb articles on Chemometrics
Chemometrics and related areas

Sample Preparation
Umea University - Analytical Chemistry - Sample Preparation links
Sample Preparation Web Directory of Services - for sample preparation techniques

Laboratory Information Management
ACD - Interactive Laboratory
Connects to the Labs worldwide matching organisation and individuals in need of ...
For Chemistry, Biochemistry and Lab. Management
Labtrack Electronic Lab. Notebook
Laboratory Management
Bio-Rad Informatics Division - World leader in software and database solutions for spectroscopy (NMR, MS, IR, Raman) cheminformatics and division support systems for drug discovery
Most comprehensive LIMS resource on the internet
MDL Information system - Leader in discovery informatics for Life Science and Chemistry in industry and academia
Analytical chemistry - Lab. guide
Analytical chemistry - Lab. guide
Catalogue of manufacturers and suppliers of instruments, analytical equipment, materials testing equipment, scientific and laboratory equipment

Analytical Environmental Chemistry
This dictionary contains definitions for most chemistry environmental and other technical terms used in this site as well as many other chemistry and environmental terms
Analytical Environmental Chemistry index page
Hite's Lab. for Analytical Environmental Chemistry - applies Organic Analytical Chemistry to understand environmental problems, uses gas chromatographic, mass spectrometry for the analysis of trace levels of potentially toxic environmental pollutants

Chemistry Resources
Database & Internet searching
RSC's Chemical science network
Analytical Science - Weblinks
Europe's network of patent databases
Virtual chemistry
Analytical Web Base
SIS Chemical Information page. ChemIDplus - a free web searchable database of Rs.367,000 chemical records including over 177,000 with structures
NIST Web Book
Analytical Informatics
ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry Spring Board
Analytical Sciences Digital Library
Resources in Chemistry
Resources in Chemistry - Ball State University Library
2000 best chemistry sites
Analytical Chemistry Resource guides
Analytical Chemistry link center
Directory of Chemistry on the World Wide Web
Internet navigator for the chemical industry
Chemindustry having links to 87 sites in Analytical Chemistry
Website of American Chemical Society - Patent watch, Calendar of events
Chemical Database Software
Comprehensive list of Chemistry journals from the ACS
Provides chemical and physical property data for a variety of compounds
Chemical information sources
Chem resources
Analytical Chemistry - Reference guide
Info Surf Chemistry
OSHA Index of Sampling and Analytical methods
Web search engine for scientific information only
Teaching Directories, Resources, Course material, Lecture Notes - Instumental methods, Spectroscopic, Electroanalytical methods, Tutorials, Chemical Instrumentation and Analysis, Data evaluation and Chemometry
Periodic table on the web.

Encyclopedia of Spectroscopy and Spectrometry
Encyclopedia of Analytical Instrumentation
Combined Chemical Dictionary
Basics of NMR
Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry
Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry - Free sample articles
Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry

Website of Society of Electroanalytical Chemistry - Journal links
Analytical Chemistry journals

Free full text journals in chemistry
Part A: Permanently available chemistry journals

Free full text journals in chemistry
Part B: Trials and temporarily available chemistry journals
Resource for research journals, abstract databases and reference works

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