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NIH office of dietary supplements.

Molecular Expressions galleria is a gateway to numerous collections of photographs taken through a microscope. Some of them are of Vitamins, Amino Acids, Vegetables etc.

The Phytochemical Collection.

The vitamin collection. The vitamin links lead to JPEG images of vitamins and their derivatives.

Everything you need to know about nutraceuticals, Free nutraceuticals related downloads and links to nutraceuticals related pages.

American Nutraceutical Association site: Links to free online magazine, industry news, articles and chemical studies, useful links, press releases, ANA conferences . . . . . .

British Columbia Functional Food and Nutraceutical Network – Official website.

Advanced nutritional supplier of quality nutritional supplements, vitamins, herbal products for wholesales distributors for sports and fitness clinic, chiropractors, healthcare practitioners.

Nutraceuticals and Nutritional Supplements Resource directory.

FDA -  office of dietary supplements.

Food and Agriculture Organization of U.N.

Provides food professionals with a broad range of comprehensive online services and information essential to ingredient trades, food developers, market professionals etc.

Also provides access to uptodate international market news and ingredients suppliers directory.

FoodInfo online Links to recent features, recent articles, FSTA reports, innovations, Foodscience news, Ingredient suppliers, Market information, Statistics, Standards, Nutritional informations, Foodsector events and conferences - - - - - - -

Mushroom Nutraceutical products.

Herb association, Herbal calendar of events, ezine, Herb gardens, Herb facts, Herbal exchange, Herbal green pages online, Herbworld, Herbalpedia, Herbgrowing and marketing network, Herbs & health related links - - - - - - - - -

International Food Information Council.

Institute of nutraceuticals and functional foods.

Links to Experts in Nutraceuticals & Health foods.

Nutraceutical resource directory. Resources_NW.htm

More than 100 sites – Industry Association sites, University sites, Government sites and International sites.

Product news on Supplements and Nutrition.

Breaking news on supplements and nutrition – Europe.

Is a non commercial, evidence based natural healthcare and nutrition information

Site dedicated to empowering consumers to make informed choices about nutritional supplements, including Vitamins, minerals, herbs, anti oxidants and nutraceuticals.

Herbs and Herbal supplements – directory of natural herbs & supplements.

Vitamins, Minerals and Dietary supplements.

Websites on alternative and holistic health.

Supplements A - Z, Supplement categories, product reviews and reading lists.

Vitamin Planet Inc. provides best nutritional supplements, sports supplements or Vitamins and Herbs.

Vitamins and Nutrition Center – Leading authority on Vitamins and Minerals.




The Nutraceutical institute formed through a joint partnership of Rutgers, the state university of New Jersey and St. Joseph’s university, Philadelphia has a research, education and outreach program.

Functional foods and nutraceuticals – KGK synergize.

Center for Food Safety Engineering.

Center for Enhancing Foods to Protect Health.

Center for Enhancing Foods to Protect Health established in July 1999 to promote research on phytochemicals and nutraceutical to advance the science for improving the health attributes of food. The center is the first multidisciplinary and multi-institutional research and education effort on functional foods in Indiana.

Dietary supplements, Herbs, Nutraceuticals:

Interactions of Drugs, Dietary Agents & Herbs – pdf article.

Research within the Food Science Department.

Nutraceuticals and food chemistry program at Cornell.

Lycopene related research articles.

Need for process development and potential processing steps for research in Nutraceuticals and functional foods.

SRC leading research in Nutraceuticals.

Nutraceuticals market research reports: Nutraceutical research trends – 142 reports available on Nutraceutical market.

Nutraceuticals Research Reports indluding of India.

Provides online links of Nutraceuticals, and Food & Beverage qualitative Nutraceuticals Research Reports. Industry trend analysis and quantitative research on market trends and market size.

Global advances in Nutraceuticals – Market Research Report March 2005.

Nutraceuticals: global industry guide – Descriptive scope of the report, Highlights, contents, Global nutraceutical, List of Extracts of Market value, Market segmentation, company profiles, effective strides in new markets and results of operations.



Evolung Nutraceutical business – report.

Richardson Center for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals.

Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research.




Nutrient calculation system.

Nutritional analysis tools and system.

Nutrition Analysis Tool (NAT) is a web based program that allows anyone to analyse the

Food they eat for various different nutrients.  This tool is completely free and easy to use.

NutriBase - Nutrition and Fitness software for professional.






Nutrition Bytes - Free full text


Annual review of nutrition


Asia Pacific journal of clinical nutrition

Clinical nutrition

Eating behaviors

European eating disorders review

European journal of clinical nutrition

European journal of lipid science and technology

European journal of nutrition

Food Chemistry

Food microbiology

Food policy

Food quality and preference

Food research international

Food reviews international

International journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity

International journal of eating disorders

International journal of food microbiology

International journal of food science & technology

Journal of agricultural and food chemistry

Journal of food lipids

Journal of food processing and preservation

Journal of food safety

Journal of human nutrition and dietetics

Journal of medicinal food

Journal of muscle foods

Journal of nutritional biochemistry

Journal of the American College of Nutrition

Journal of the American Dietetic Association

Journal of the science of food and agriculture

Lipids in health and disease

Molecular nutrition & food research


Nutrition & metabolism NM

Nutrition bulletin

Nutrition journal

Nutrition research

Plant foods for human nutrition

Trends in food science & technology




Alternative Medicine Magazine

Alternative Medicine Review

Alternative Therapies in Health & Medicine

American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) Report

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Annual Review of Nutrition

Complementary & Alternative Medicine at the NIH Newsletter

Dietary Supplement

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (EJCN)

European Journal of Herbal Medicine


Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine

Journal of Herbal Pharmacotherapy

Journal of Herbs, Spices & Medicinal Plants

Journal of Medicinal Food

Journal of Natural Products

Journal of Naturopathic Medicine

Journal of Nutraceuticals, Functional & Medical Foods

Journal of Nutrition

Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine

Nutrition Action Health Letter

Nutrition Science News


Phytotherapy Research

Review of Aromatic & Medicinal Plants

Vegetarian Times

Well Being Journal




Nutraceut (Nutraceuticals International) provides news and views relating to nutraceuticals, functional foods, dietary supplements and natural product industries.

NUTRACEUT database available on STN International.  It contains bibliographic data and full text of weekly publication Nutraceuticals. It covers global nutraceuticals, functional foods, dietary supplements and natural products industries. Includes worldwide legislation, labelling requirements, company news, R & D news, market date . . . . Coverage extends from 1996 to date and the database contains more than 6000 documents.

INFOODS (International Network of Food Data System).

Complete data source for the Food and Drinks industry. It is a collection of databases produced by leatherhead Food International which brings together technical, market and legal information in one source.

Science Sight (formerly FROSTI – Food Science & Technology) is the most comprehensive and uptodate database of its kind. Contains over 25 years of Scientific and technical data; is the World’s foremost authority on published information in the fields of food science and technology – patents, journals, looks conference proceedings chapters, standards . . . . .

International Food Information Service (IFIS) produces Food Science and Technology Abstracts (FSTA) the largest database of Food Science, Food technology and Food related human nutrition information in the world. Coverage 1969 – present.

Nutritional databases – Nutritional Information tips. fungiinfo.html

U.S. NTFP Species database – Additional Information for Fungi harvested for medicinal purposes.

International Framework for Food Description. It is an automated method for describing, Capturing and retrieving data about food.

The link database contains 126 links to 9 categories Food & Health authorities, Food legislation, Food classification, Description, Nomenclature and Taxonomy, Food Composition Standards related food and food composition, How to put food composition, Nutrition Software, Recipe calculator and nutrient retention factors.

Database on Medical conferences and exhibitions worldwide. Lists over 10,000 future events including workshops, seminars, symposia and exhibitions in the fields of medical, healthcare, pharma and biotech.

USDA – Nutrititive value of Foods.

USDA National Nutrient Database Standard Reference for Release if can look up 7146 diff foods directly from this home page.

Information of dietary supplementary, herbs, medicinal plants, plant extracts, phytotherapy, drug interactions . . . . .

Online magazine for healthcare professions and their patients.

Nutraceutical adverse events database.




American Dietetic Association position paper.

An introduction to the U.S. Nutraceuticals Industry.

Institute of Food Technologists Scientific Status summary paper.

Health articles.




Herbalpedia – 1500 profiles of botanicals, over 4000 pages of information along with colour photos of each plant, uses, cultivation, recipes, research an any specific plant is included.

Thesaurus provides a standard language for describing foods, specifically for classifying food products for information retrieval.


USDA=Nutrient Data Laboratory – Glossary




Breaking news on Food and Beverage in Asia Pacific E-Newsletters on Food, Beverage and Nutrition in Asia Pacific, Europe, North America  - - - - -

A technical review providing latest information in functional products and ingredients which are defined as having disease preventing and for health promoting benefit in addition to cosmetic application.

Article – Biotechnology Functional Foods and Nutraceutical – Medicinal News is a web magazine about food that promotes and improves your health.

Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals – Free Magazine includes in depth news and analysis, marketing and business trends and the latest in scientific research.

‘Nutraceuticals Now’ is a technical review providing the latest information on functional products and ingredients which are defined as having a disease preventing and or health promoting benefit in addition to their nutritional value.

Current news, updates, features, meetings, Ad index, Archive buyers guide, Media info and professional resources.

Links to NutraNews, Wellness directory, Industry events, Prepared Foods, Dairy Foods, Packaging strategies, Food engineering research reports - - - - -

A technical review providing the latest information on active pharmaceutical ingredients, chemicals, intermediates, natural extracts and drug formulation.

Top 100 News items, Nutrasolutions articles, and Prepared Foods magazine, e – News Weekly, giving the top news stories and technical developments in the global food & beverage industry.




Manufactures of phytochemicals, herbal extractions, nutraceuticals and suppliers for active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates.

Sourcing consultant for natural products, phytochemicals, natural colours from India.

Site of the exporters and bulk suppliers of glucosamine HCL Glucosamine Sulphate Potassium (2KCL) and Glucosamine Sulphate Sodium (Nacl) from India.

Knowledge Society – Biotech Industry – Indian biotech Scenario.

Directory of Indian Suppliers – Nutraceuticals manufacturers and suppliers, Links to Matching products and category lists.

Nutraceuticals – Indian (5 Companies – Best, Enorbis LLC, S.J. Herbals, Tulip Chemicals and Nutraceuticals ingredients.

Links to Organic spices, Organic processed foods and organic herbs - - - Photo gallery.

Parry Nutraceuticals – Chennai, India.

Pioneer Enterprise is a manufacturer of Phytonutrients, nutraceuticals in India.

Bulk Nutraceuticals India and Herbal Exacts India. Herbal powder, extracts, nutraceuticals, essential oils, natural colours, Herbal tea, organic products, auyurvedic formulary.

First in India formulations – Nutraceuticals.




Benefits of Nutraceuticals, what are Nutraceuticals, whole foods and additives and recent articles.

National Nutraceuticals Center – Benefits of Nutraceuticals in Medicine – improved market for nutraceutical products, increased public awareness, increased healthcare industry awareness and establishment of a self governing agenda.

Guide to dietary supplements.

What you need to know about the Health Benefit of Functional Foods.

17 product sites of herbs, minerals and health benefits of Nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals.





What is the future of Functional foods and Nutraceuticals?

Phytochemicals – Vitamins of the Future? (with reference).


Theta Reports “Nutraceuticals Market”: Present and Future.

Phytochemicals: Nutrients of the Future.

Winning Science papers – The Dupont India Challenge 2004 science paper contest – Nutraceuticals Vs  pharmaceuticals, Research, Benefits, Challenges, evolution of Nutraceuticals, India and Nutraceuticals.

Nutragenomics: Development of personalized foods for the future?

Can nutraceuticals offer hope for future treatments for cognitive decline? – article.

Challenges and opportunities facing food processing practices in Nigeria: the role of food technologists – Sanni Lateef.