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A list of links on Nanotechnology news, journals, websites, databases and other sources provided by the Los Alamos National Laboratory Research Library.

National Nanotechnology Initiative.

Network for Computational Nanotechnology.

Asia Pacific Nanotechnology Forum.

Nanotechnology – very useful sites.

Annimated video of nanorobots.

Nanotechnology resources – Directory of Nanotechnology, Research articles, Encyclopedia terms, academic departments, books, conferences, Research institutes, funding, people in nanotechnology, Nanofibers, Nanostructures, scanning probe microscopes.

National Nanotechnology Infrastructure network.

Researcher resources, investor resources, government and policy resources, publications, conferences and events, associations and institutes, student resources, directories and databases, roadmaps, image galleries, careers ……

Nanotechnology links – future human evolution.

Nanotechnology – Introduction.

NT – History.

NT understanding scales.

Nanotechnology Timeline.

Web based reference sources – NT 2004 links.


Free download STM and AFM software, Nanoscience educational products, education links, Nanoscience schools and courses.

Educational resources – Books, online texts, tutorials, funding links to nano specific funding agencies and societies in the U.S., Nano specific print and online journals.

Top 100 Nanotechnology websites – companies and organizations, details of related books, journals, software databases, patent searching, jobs and funding.

Gateway to everything Nanotech.  Nanotechnology basics, news, general information, events, glossary.

Provides comprehensive information on NT  - Books, companies, events etc.

Nano resources guide for a product or supplier in following fields of research; chemicals and materials, electron microscopy, fabrication and processing, light microscopy, materials analysis and spectroscopy, probe microscopy, sample preparation, software and image analyses, vacuum and low temperature.

New Jersey NT consortium.

National Nanotechnology Users Network.

NSF Nanoscale Science & Engineering.

Nanotechnology, NT materials, Nano devices, Nanotools.

Nanotechnology (NT) resource site – NT products, NT educational links, Nano wires, Nanobubbles, MEMS/NEMS, NT news, NT directory, NT Books, NT magazines, events, jobs etc.

Wellcome trust - Big picture on Nanoscience. 

Link to student activity demos, Nanogallery, A-level curriculum matching.

Nano Tech Cafι resources.





Nanomaterial resources on the web (nanofibers, nanotubes).

Nanotechnology and biomaterials centre.

Nanomaterials websites

Inorganic nanomaterials – applied nanomaterials – inorganic nanotubes aiming for high resolution displays …

Nanomaterials websites

Molecular low – dimensional and nanostructed materials – pdf document.


Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon Nanotube from Wikipedia free encyclopedia singlewalled CNT, properties, synthesis,

applications, current progress, CNT in electrical circuits, external links and sources.

CNT from Wikipedia, free encyclopedia. single walled CNT, properties, synthesis, applications, current progress, CNT in electrical circuits, external links and sources.

MRS bulletin V.29, N.4 Apr 2004 – Advances in Carbon Nanotubes.Journal of Material Research Sep. 98 issue – special section - Carbon Nanotube.

Fullerenes, Nanotubes and other Nanotech images.

Physical properties of Carbon Nanotubes – Quickfacts, equilibrium structure, use of carbon nanotubes in space, optical properties, electrical transport, thermal transport, elastic behavior, references, glossary and other projects.

The Nanotube site – general information, NT link sites, sources of NT and NT based products optimized geometrics, sites dedicated to NT, sites relevant to NT research, future events in the NT field, part events in NT field, NT bibliography.

A Carbon Nanotube page – CNT Science and technology, single layer NT & NT ‘ropes’, Nanohorns, Nanotest tubes, Nanoelectronics, Nanofibres, NT links and news stories, animation gallery, NT and Nanoparticle references, commercial suppliers of CNT and related materials.

Animation gallery – NT, Fullerene, Nanoheat.



Extensive list of websites for MEMS, Micromechanics, MST and Micro machines.

Tutorials – MEMS.



Advanced Nanosensors and Nanoprobes – article.

Whats new in microscopy and microanalysis – Nanosensors announced its new product point probe plus will replace the point probe silicon – SPM – Sensor.

Focuses on particle technology – upcoming events, conferences and meetings.

World Leader in Scanning probes for Scanning Probe Microscopy.

Sensors Online – Industry Market studies. Sensors Magazine is a resource for sensing communication and control, Research and Industry Market studies.

Monthly updated smart sensors web portal of the International Frequency Sensor Association, Links to events, sensor associations, societies and resources, sensor journals and magazine.

Nanosensors articles, papers, reports and references.



Nanomedicine page, previews, FAQS, art gallery, recent articles, Nanomedicine researchers, Research, governmental and commercial organizations, Topics in Nanomedicine (Links) and Nanomedicine challenge grant.

Recent articles on Medical Nanomaterials, Nanobiotechnology or Nanomedicine.

Nano medicine.



Ethical issues in Nanotechnology.



Nanotechnology funding.

National Nanotechnology Initiative – Funding opportunities – federal research grants.

National Nanotechnology Initiative. Agency solicitations, Dept. of Defence Nanoscience and Technology funding agencies, Dept of Energy Nanoscale Science funding, National Science Foundation grants & awards, National Institutes of Health grants.



Nanopedia is a comprehensive encyclopedia of Nanotechnology providing overviews, balanced analysis of the latest nanonews and course resources.

NT multimedia encyclopedia.

Nanotechnology from Wikipedia – Free online encyclopedia.




Nano clarity

Monthly newsletter and commentary.

Nanotechnology glossary.


Nanotoday Journals


Advanced Materials

Advanced Materials & Processing

Applied Physics Letters


Chemical & Engineering News

Chemical Physics Letters

Chemistry of Materials

Drug Delivery Today

International Journal of Nanoscience

Journal of Molecular Biology

Journal of Nanoscience & Technology

MRS Bulletin

Materials Today

Microscopy and Analysis

Microscopy Today

Molecular Cell

Nano Letters



Nano Today


Nature Biotechnology

Nature Materials

Physics Today

Physics World



Small Times

R & D Micro Nano


E-Journals list


Acta materialia

Foresight update

Fullerenes, nanotubes, and carbon nanostructures

IEE proceedings


IEEE transactions on nanobioscience

IEEE transactions on nanotechnology

Journal of nanoparticle research

Journal of vacuum science & technology .B,

Microelectronics and nanometer structures

Lab on a chip

Materials science & engineering. C, Biomimetic

Materials, sensors and systems

Microfluidics and nanofluidics

Microsystem technologies

Molecular diversity

Nanostructured materials




Nanotechnology news

Provide aggregated information, current news and custom market research.

Community based website with news and discussion of coming technology.

New online magazine devoted to publishing content on nanoscale technology molecular nanotechnology.

Portal for Nanotechnology community, includes a web directory, news and information of Nanotechnology

Reports on technologies such as MEMS, Nanoscale materials, Nanoelectronics, Nanotubes,

 self assembly and molecular biology.

Nanotechnology news, products, jobs, events and information.

NSF – Nanoscience news

National Science Foundation – Nanotechnology fact sheet.

Nanosensors news.


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New task force to study NT implications.

Center for Responsible NT (CRN).


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The future of Nanotechnology. feature articles.