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Indian Medical Informatics
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Guide to Health Informatics.
Medical Informatics and medicine, MI resources, definitions, International associations, societies, MI standards, journals, conferences.
Frequently asked questions regarding Medical Informatics.
Health Informatics conference site.
Medical Informatics programme grants, scholarships, conference news.
Definition of Biomedical Informatics.

University Department Links
Stanford Medical Informatics
Medical Informatics Department of University of Utah.
Department of Biomedical Informatics of the Columbia University defines Biomedical Informatics, provides links to Bioinformatics, Bioimaging, clinical informatics and Public Health Informatics.
Biomedical Imaging Informatics.
Clinical Informatics.
Public Health Informatics.
Biomedical Informatics - web development resources.

Associations, Societies
American Medical Informatics Association - Advanced healthcare through Information Technology.
UK Health Informatics Society.
Health Informatics sites links.
MI - International associations and societies.
Health Informatics Worldwide - a regularly updated index of the most relevant links to websites on Health Informatics, (also Nursing Informatics) HIWW links related institutions and associations. Links are alphabetically organized by country and location.
Health Informatics Worldwide - Bioinformatics.
International Medical Informatics Association - Major goals and Objectives being promotion of Informatics in health care and biomedical research, advancement of international co-operation, stimulation of research, development education, dissemination and exchange of information.

Indian Medical Informatics
Indian Medical informatics Association links. Indian Medical Informatics portal.
Indian Medlars center jointly setup by NIC and KMR to cater to the information needs of Medical Community of India.
Links to India in Health Informatics worldwide.
Health related websites.
Indian Medical Informatics.

Telemedicine Information Exchange - a platform for information on telemedicine and telehealth.
Ecu Telemed center - Brody School of Medicine.
Useful Telehealth link: general Telehealth resources and professional organizations, Telehealth publications - Health Data Management, Telemedicine programs, Technology, Standards, Interoperability and Vendors.
Health Informatics Worldwide - Telemedicine links.
Telemedicine links.

Telemedicine - India
Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Dept. of Telemedicine
Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation
Links to telemedicine programs, projects, networks in India

Encyclopedia, Handbook
Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia defines Medical informatics as the name given to the application of IT to healthcare ………………
Handbook of Medical Informatics, glossary of MI ………..

BMC Medical Informatics and decision making.
Applied medical informatics and computing skills of students, researchers and faculty.
Evolution of electronic medical records.

MedInd - full text of 33 journals indexed in IndMED which is a bibliographic database of Indian biomedical journals.
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association
Health Informatics journals and publications.
Links to about 40 Medical Informatics Journals
Methods of Informatics in Medicine.
Journal of Biomedical Informatics.
International Journal of Medical Informatics.
Medical Informatics and the Internet in Medicine.

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