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Biodiversity Resources – Biodiversity of Microbes, Fungi, Plants & Animals

Aquaculture network information center. Aquanic is the gateway to the world’s electronic resources for aquaculture information.

Dmoz – Open directory project on Flora & Fauna

Archival information for biodiversity.

Ecosystems and biodiversity information.

World species list – Animals, plants, microbes, fungi, fossils ….

Convention on biological diversity.

Biodiversity and endangered species.

Dept. of sustainability & environment of Australia – Conservation and Environment, Fungi, Bacteria & Protozoa, more web links …

Biodiversity information resources.

Biodiversity & conservation.

Aquafacts, Aqualinks, Aquaculture and fish farming facts & figures. -ecosystem-assessment-6.htm

Scientific facts on biodiversity – what are the prospects for the 2010 target of reducing the rate of biodiversity loss?

Biodiversity links.

Biodiversity resources, agricultural biodiversity and biotechnology, aquatic diversity, biodiversity meetings, medicinal plants and edible wild plants, tax anomic information . . . .

Biodiversity explorer – diversity of life in South Africa. Photo gallery . . . .

Pathogens of insect and weed pest – Bacteria, virus, fungi, nematodes, protozoa and microsporidia, algae …

Components of biodiversity, classification, no. of species, patterns and processes of


Photo gallery of coral reefs.

Biodiversity statistics of coral, seagrass, mangrove, marine fish, reef fish species and lists

of the species.

Science & Development network – recent facts and figures on biodiversity.

Species 2000 – indexing world’s known species of organisms on earth as the baseline dataset for studies of global biodiversity.

Biodiversity Assessment

Biodiversity assessment programme – strategic development plan 1996-2000.  WCMC provides information services on conservation and sustainable use of the world’s living resources and helps others to develop information systems of their own.

Biodiversity and systematics – The BioRap biodiversity assessment and planning study for Papua New Guinea – environmental database development, papers on biodiversity conservation, phylogenetic inference, biological monitoring …..

South Australian Biodiversity Assessment tool (SABAT) uses a GIS database and functions to allocate a Biodiversity Significance Score (BSS) to a patch of  native vegetation or revegetation.

Global amphibians Assessment (GAA) is the first ever comprehensive assessment of the conservation status of the world known species of frogs, toads .

 . . .

Altitude referenced biological databases – a tool. for understanding mountain biodiversity is a rapid assessment process project with SCOPE Global Mountain Biodiversity Assessment (GMBA) of Diversities.

Biodiversity assessments and indicators work – amphibian, mammal, marine, freshwater biodiversity assessments.

Biodiversity assessment program – World conservation monitoring supports policy and active for the conservation and sustainable management of biological diversity ….


What is a Bioindicator, uses and types, current research areas, sustainable development and bioindicators….

Frogs as bioindicators of environmental quality and change.

Biomonitoring and bioindicators for human and ecological health.

Using ants as bioindicators – multiscale issues in ant community ecology.

Bioindicators of watershed health – US EPA. Special modules on coral reef bioindicators, seasonal pool bioindicator, statistical primer, photo library, aquatic biodiversity …..

What are bioindicators; concept and use; types and characteristics, design and use, major components of a bioassessment evaluation – biomarkers, bioindicators ……

Foraminifers as bioindicators …. In coral reef assessment and monitoring methods.


Bioactive compounds of Flora & Fauna

Bioactive Natural Products Center of Excellence. rep/005/Adoo2e/Adoo2Eo1.htm

FAO corporate document reposting, environmental aspects of aquaculture in the tropics and sub tropics, access to rainforests bioactive products …..

NIO – Bioactive molecules from marine environment.

Sacred heart marine research center, Tuticorin.  Identification of bioactive substances from marine flora and fauna in South India …. and many other organisms known to produce bioactive compounds ….

Medicinal plants: a re-emerging health aid. EJB v.2.n.2 Aug 15, 1999.

Environment Links

Environmental impact on endangered animals.

Environmental resources by topic.

International environmental law research centre.

National environment research council – Biodiversity links.


Conservation Resources

Forest conservation portal – conservation news, information retrieval tools.

Centre for plant biodiversity research – Botanical research conservation, management and use of Australian flora.

Conservation international – conservation regions, strategies, programmes, e-news updates ….

Endangered species.

Biodiversity and conservation.

World union conservation – Biodiversity assessment, red list for conservation practitioners, publications, specialist group.

Guidelines for biodiversity assessment and monitoring for protected areas, (Full text free).

(World Conservation Monitoring Centre).

Species information, protected areas, forest information, marine & coastal resources and national biodiversity information.


Books and Articles on Biodiversity

Biodiversity & Conservation – A Hypertext book. (Free)

Environews – newsletter of International Society of Environmental Botanists (ISEB).

Biodiversity update – Quarterly biodiversity newsletter.



Free biotechnology magazine.

Biodiversity articles

Biodiversity informatics – e-journals (peer reviewed open access journal)

Biodiversity letters - Journal

Biodiversity and evolutionary biology journals.

National academics. Press – more than 3000 books online, free.

Biodiversity II: understanding and protecting our biological resources (1997) – Free book.

Perspectives on biodiversity: Valuing its role in an ever changing world (1999).

Briefing papers for students on biodiversity provided by UN based on the Millennium

Ecosystem Assessment.

Handbook of biodiversity valuation – a guide for policy maters.





BCIS – Biodiversity Conservation Information System.

Plants database – information about vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, hornworts and lichens of the U.S.

and its territories, image gallery of 30,000 + plants …..

BioMatNet: Biological materials for Non-Food products

Database of Websites on renewable bioresources.

Internet-based biodiversity databases workshop – an assessment of needs and tools, April 24-27, 2000.  Biodiversity databases, websites …

World biodiversity database links.

Taxonomy and online database.

Fish database.

Best photos in Fish Base.

Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) – biodiversity database.

U.S. Department of Agri – Natural invasive species information center.  Databases related to invasive species…

Global information system on coral reefs, resources, status, threats, management, maps, photos and reference.

Global marine aquarium database, conventions & agreement, Resources, Habitat, protected areas.

Species database.


Societies, Information Centers, Networks

U.S. Geological survey, Biological resources division.

International society of environmental botanists.

Ecological society of America.

Convention on biodiversity.

Center for Applied Biodiversity Science (CABS) at conservation international.

U.S. fish and wildlife service.

Data centers of Australia, Bangladesh, Egypt, Iran and India. National Marine Data Centres (NMDC) of India – Department of Ocean Development (DOD) has established NMDC in different institutes having expertise in very specialized areas …..

Marine conservation Biology Institute.

National Biodiversity Network (U.K).

Community biodiversity network.


Biodiversity in India

India’s biodiversity – present status, hot sports threats to Indian biodiversity.

biodiversity conservation – key issues, conservation strategies, community oriented approaches.

How can biodiviersity be protected?

A digitized inventory of plant resources of India…..




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