Kural சினமென்னும் சேர்ந்தாரைக் கொல்லி இனமென்னும் ஏமப் புணையைச் சுடும்.       In English: Friend-killer is the fatal rage It burns the helpful kinship-barge.

Department of Arabic, Persian and Urdu

About the Department


  • To provide quality education and necessary facilities to Urdu, Arabic and Persian students at all levels viz., M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Certificate and Diploma Courses
  • To conduct Conferences, Seminars,  Workshops, Symposiums etc., at National and International to improve the Research Activities in the department.
  • To provide facilities to the students to carryout inter-disceplinary research and develop Co-ordination with Departments in the University.
  • To provide facitities to the students for job oriented programmes like Soft Skills, Add on Diplomas in Urdu DTP & Functional Arabic, Journalism  etc., for the better placement of the students.


  • To strive for the quality of education, better facilities.

  • To depart quality education and relevant information of the subject to the students to face modern challenges in life by updating them and striving for their better placement.


To Produce Patriotic Citizens with Positive and Progressive Mindset

The University of Madras has as early as 1911 instituted an Oriental Faculty for the study of classical languages like Sanskrit, Arabic and Persian, which were then being taught in Oriental Colleges. The faculty perhaps comprised of some eminent scholars of these languages who formed something like the present Board of studies, for the purpose of framing the syllabus and designing the pattern of Examinations. Later in 1927, the University developed this faculty by instituting a separate unit in the form Oriental Research Institute with the purpose of bringing out from obscurity the outstanding works in Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Sanskrit. Arabic, Persian and Urdu languages were put under the Islamic Section and for the first time two staff members, namely, Dr.Syed Mohamed Hussain Nainar and Mohamed Munawar Khan Gowher were appointed as Senior and Junior Lecturers respectively in this section.

Again in 1930, the Oriental Research Institute was reorganized with a view to give a wider horizon to the research work. Different Departments were created and the Department of Arabic, Persian and Urdu thus came into existence. One more post of Junior Lecturer was created bringing the total number of posts to three. The two Junior Lecturers then were Mr. Mohd. Hussain Mahvi and Mr. Abu Hashim Syed U'sha.

Thus the Department which got the name "Department of Arabic, Persian & Urdu" in 1930 with a staff strength of One Senior Lecturer and two Junior Lecturers has now developed into powerful unit with two professors, three Readers and two Lecturers.

Dr. Md. Hussain Nainar was a person of high caliber. He focused his attention on the Arabic and Pesian works which could prove to be of good sources of the South Indian History. So he brought out in English five volumes on the "Sources of the History of Nawabs of Carnatic'. His other works, which brought him repute, can be put as follows:

  • Arab Geographers' Knowledge of South India.
  • Tuhfatul Mujahideen
  • Seydakkadi Nandi Nadagam

Most of his works were based on the monographs and manuscripts available in Arabic and Persian.

Prof. Mohammad Munavar Gowhar who also joined the Department in 1927 along with Dr. Nainar had to retire after three years. During this short tenure he produced two volumes on the biographical sketches of the Persian and Urdu Poets of South India in the name of "Sukhanwarane-Buland Fikr".

Prof. Mohammad Husain Mahvi served the Department from 1930 to 1945. During this tenure he was able to edit critically as many as 24 manuscripts; of these the following were published by the University:

  • Diwan-e-Bedar
  • Waqiat-e-Azfari
  • Kulliyat-e-Abjadi - parts, I, II, III & IV
    (Which included Anwarnama and Mawaddat Nama etc.)

Prof. Abu Hushim Syed U'sha's following works (which he critically edited) brought good fame to him as well as to the Department:

  • Futuhus Salatin - the authentic history of India in Persian verse from the times of mahmood of Ghazni down to Mohamed - Bin-Tughlaq-by Isami.
  • Diwan Auhadi
  • Diwan-e-Ubayd Zakani
  • Fatah Nama-e-Mahmad Shahi
  • Kanz-Al-Fawaid
  • Timur Nama
  • Tarikh-e-Shahjahan
  • Selection from Jamiul Hikayat, Parts I, II and III
  • Padsha Nama by Iradat Khan
  • Waqai-I-Mohammad Shah Padshah
  • Shigarf Nama
  • Tarikh-Khan-Jahani

Prof. Mohammad Yousuf Kokan who was appointed in the place of Janab Mohammad Hussain Mahvi, carried on the research work and produced the following eminent books;

  • Kulliyat-e-Abjadi Vol. IV-Jointly with Mohammad Hussain Mahvi.
  • Baqr Agah
  • Mathnavi-e-Nau Bahar-e-Ishq by Nami
  • Masnawi-e-Baharistan Ishq by Nami
  • Aslul-Usool by Fakhri-a work on Sufism.
  • Sabhat by Fakhri- a work on Sufism
  • Imam Ibn-e- Taymiah
  • Khanwada-I-Qazi Badrud Dowlah
  • Arabic and Persian in Carnatic
  • Translation of Tirukkural in Arabic
  • Shawakilul Hur Fi Sharh-e-Hayakilul-Nur
  • Muqamat-e-Baqir Agah
  • A Lamun-Nasr Wash sher Fil Asr al Hadith - Vols I, II & III
  • Tareekhul Moghool
  • Mukhtasar Tarikh Hind and Na Ma’ loom Insaan

Professor Kokan also visited Saudi Arabia, Iran, Samarkhand, Bukhara, Tashkant and Moscow on invitation from these countries. He retired in 1977.

Dr.Syed Safiullah joined the Department as Lecturer in 1976. He carried out research on regional Urdu literature focusing on Urdu journalism in Tamil Nadu and History and Evolution of Urdu Prose writings of Tamil Nadu. Besides, he has brought out an anthology of eminent urdu poets of the past with biographical notes entitled Mata-e-Raftagan and a collection of Urdu short stories of the representative Urdu short story writers of Tamil Nadu.
He has to his credit the following works:

  • Mata-e-Raftagaan
  • Tamil Nadu Ke Numainda Afsaanay
  • Tamil Nadu Mein Urdu Nasr Ki Tareeq

He has prepared several textbooks for school and college courses. As a chairperson, High Level syllabus committee for Urdu of the Govt. of Tamilnadu, he framed the new syllabus up to Higher secondary courses. He is on the Editorial Board, Encyclopedia of World Literatures prepared and published by the Govt. of Kerala. He compiled and edited the important prefaces of Moulana Baquir Agah. He also took up the project of compiling Urdu-Tamil and Tamil-Urdu Dictionary without any financial assistance, which he could not complete.

Dr. P.Nisar Ahmed who joined the Department in 1976 has proved himself in a short span of his service a very vital personality by visiting Saudi Arabia and Australia taking part in the World Conferences there. He has to his credit the following works:

  • Uloom-ul Quran-al-Kareem (English)
  • Kitabul Iqtira of Allama Jalaluddin Siyuti (Ed)
  • Al Fikr-ul-Arabi al-Hadith Fi-Al-Qarnil Ishreen (Arabic)
  • Sharh-u-Miat-e-Aamilin (translated into English)
  • Durusul Quran (Urdu)
  • Tafseer Suratur Rum (English)
  • Al-Jameel Tamil-Arabic Dictionary
  • Edward William Lane - An eminent Arabic Scholar
  • Ijazul Quran (Ed)
  • Tafseer Surath ul Kahaf
  • Auraq (Collection of Urdu Essays on various aspects)
  • Tafseer Surathu Yaseen
  • Iqbal ka Fikr-o-Fun
  • Arabi Adab ki Tareekh
  • Qiratu Tamil Nadu
  • Duroosul-Lughatil Arabia (English Translation)
  • Tafseer and Hadeeth Literature
  • Min Makka Al Mukarrama Ila Madras
  • Studies in Quranic Science.
  • Jamalia's Tenses Dictionary

He was a chairperson, High-level Committee for Arabic to frame new syllabus from Std. VI to Std. XII. He has prepared textbooks in Arabic to High and Higher secondary classes in the capacity as Chairman. He was a member of the Tamilnadu state Govt. Urdu Academy, Chennai.  M.A. (Urdu) was instituted in 1977 in the Department. The same year Prof. Kokan retired and Dr. Najmul Hoda took over as Head of the Department.

Later in the year, M.Phil. Course was also introduced by the Department in Urdu and in Persian. The Department picked up a new momentum in Dr. Hoda's headship. He took keen interest in enlarging the Department. Therefore on his persistent pressure on the University, U.G.C. awarded a Professor's Post in Urdu to which Dr. Hoda himself was appointed. Then the Department got two more posts of Readers each one in Arabic and Persian.

Dr. Hoda has the following books to his credit.

1. Fan-e Tanqueed Aur Tanqueedi Mazamin
2. Mathnawi Ka Fun Aur Urdu Mathnawiyan
3. Kirdar Aur Kirdar Nigari
4. Masail Wa Mabahis
5. Qurbl Ki Shairi

Dr. Syed Waheed Ashraf joined the Department along with Dr. Najmul Hoda and when Dr. Hoda left the Department in 1988, Dr. Ashraf became the Head. As soon as he took charge of the Department he started searching ways and means to develop the Department on one hand and to strengthen it on the other. He organized a Seminar on All India basis to discuss the problems of teaching Urdu and Research. Luckily the year 1990 happened to be the Diamond Jubilee year for this Department, He therefore tried to put this chance to its best by creating some endowments to mark the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The Murthuzuviya Educational and Cultural Foundation, Chennai, come forth to co-sponsor the Jubilee Celebrations and the All India U.G.C Seminar on 4th, 5th and 6th of March 1990.

The following three endowments of Rs. 50,000 each were instituted on this occasion:

  • Moulana Dr.Abdul Huq Endowment scholarship for Ph.D. scholars of the Department.
  • Moulana Abdul Wahab Bukhari Endowment Scholarship for M.Phil scholars of the Department.
  • D.Ahmed Ali Parpia Endowment Scholarship for M.A. Students of the Department.

The Department was conducting M.Phil. and Ph.D. Courses in all the three languages viz. Arabic, Persian and Urdu. But M.A. course was offered only in Urdu.

As soon as Dr. Ashraf took over the charge of the Department as Head, he started M.A. Persian, but after a few batches it was discontinued.

A man of high standard as he is known, he has contributed much to the subject of Persian literature and Sufism by writing and editing the following works:

1. Hayath-e-Syed Ashraf Jahangir Samanani
2. Muqaddama-I-Lataif-e-Ashrafi
3. Tasawwuf

He has also contributed to the Urdu Literature with his following critical and poetic works.

1. Diwan-e-Fida
2. Afsar Maudoodi
3. Rubai, Vols. I, II & III

Dr.Syed Sajjad Husain, now the Professor & Head, was inducted to the Department in 1984 as a lecturer in Urdu. He has published the following books:

  • Qazi Badrud Dowlah
  • Aasar-O-Afkar
  • Khushboo key dagh (Ed)
  • Soghat-e-Adab (Ed)
  • Tajziye-O-Tabsiray
  • Tanqeed Aur Tanqeed Shanasi
  • History of Malayalam Literature (in Urdu)

The last book was published by Sahitya Academy, New Delhi.

He was selected member twice to the Tamil Nadu State Government Urdu Academy. He was the chairman to the Urdu Text Book committee constituted under Tamil Nadu Text Book Corporation to prepare text books from VI to XII standards. In his capacity as Chairman, Board of Studies in Urdu, University of Madras, he initiated the move to introduce B.A. (Urdu) in regular stream, in OUS and M.A. (Urdu) in regular stream in the Institute of Distance Education, University of Madras. He contributed a lot for the preparation of Study Material for the said courses. He has produced 10 Ph.D and 25 M.Phil. Graduates.

Dr.K.Habeeb Ahmed joined the Department in Nov. 2000, as a lecturer in Urdu. He has published a book entitled "Deputy Nazeer Ahmed ke Nowelon Mein Mazhabi Kirdar". He has published a number of Articles in leading literary Journals and News papers. He has participated in National and International Seminars, Workshops, conferences and presented papers. He is the member of the syllabus committee constituted to frame the VIII std. textbook under NCERT, New Delhi. He is one of the Authors in VIII, IX, X, XI, and XII std. Urdu text book prepared by the Tamil Nadu Text Book Corporation and translated "Social Science" for VIII std. from English to Urdu for Tamil Nadu text book corporation, Chennai. Prepared study material for B.A (Urdu) and M.A.(Urdu) under Institute of Distance Education, University of Madras. There are two Research Projects under his name, one is the

  • U.G.C. sponsored Major Research Projects entitled "Urdu and Persian inscriptions of Tamilnadu, A literary and historical study", the other one is a
  • Minor Research Project entitled "The Morphological influence of Urdu on Tamil".

There are Nine Ph.D and five M.Phil candidates pursuing their research under him. One Ph.D candidate was awarded Ph.D. in Urdu and 25 M.Phil candidates have been awarded degrees under his guidance.

Dr.A.Jahir Hussain, joined the Department in Jan. 2008, as a lecturer in Arabic. He has published seven books. He has published a number of Articles in leading literary Journals and News papers. He has participated in National Seminars and presented papers. M.Phil candidates pursuing their research under his guidance.

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