Kural செல்வத்துட செல்வஞ் செவிச்செல்வம் அச்செல்வம் செல்வத்து ளெல்லாந் தலை.       In English: Wealth of wealths is listening's wealth It is the best of wealths on earth.

School of Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences consists of Department of Anthropology, Department of Criminology, Department of Psychology, Department of Sociology, Department of Education, and Department of Adult and Continuing Education

The Department of Anthropology was established in October,1945. Certificate and Diploma Courses were started in July,1947 and research programmes in July,1950. The department concentrates on Tribal Studies, Political Anthropology, Economic Anthropology, Physical Anthropology, Archaeological Anthropology, Folklore. It has Computer Laboratory to do researches on quantitative understanding of social problems. In 1976, the department started Masters,M.Phil, and Doctoral programmes.

At the conference of the Inspectors General of Police in 1959, a Diploma in Criminology at the University of Madras was mooted and it was instituted in October,1960. The Psychology department conducted diploma courses in Criminology to begin with. Since April,1983, the Department of Criminology became a separate and independent. The Department of Criminology focuses on Victimology, Criminal Justice Administration, Human Rights, Juvenile justice, Correctional research, Crime prevention. The Department has Computer Labarotory facilities. It offers Diploma, Masters, and Ph.D. programmes

The Department of Psychology, as instituted in 1943. In 1948, a full fledged Psychology department under the headship of Dr.G.D.Boaz. The Department concentrated exclusively on If offers Master, M.Phil, and Ph.D. Programmes.

The Department of Sociology was established in 1966.To begin with, it was the Department of Social Science and Dr.K.K.Pillai, Professor of History was in-charge of the Department. The Department had to its credit the services of Fullbright Prof.Edwin Driver, Prof.Himes, Prof.Krosowisky and Prof.Washburne in the initial period. In 1976, a separate Department of Sociology was started. The main areas of research are as follows: 1. Urban sociology, 2.Medical Sociology 3. Gender Studies 4. Water Management 5. Industrial Sociology 6. Rural Sociology and Rural Development 7. Environmental Studies 8. Total Quality Management 9. Sociology of Development. The department offers Masters and Ph.D. programmes.

The Department of Education was established in 1946, with Dr.(Miss)E.Vedanayagam as Professor and Head. The department specializes in the fields of management of Education, curriculum Development, Special Education, Educational Cost analysis, work Education, Management of Organisation, Trade Unions, Industrial Employability of differently able, Stress and Conflict resolution in work environment. The department has an Educational Lab. The department offers Masters, M.Phil, and Ph.D. programmes.

The Department of Adult and Continuing Education was was established in 1976 with Dr.R.Jayagopal as Professor and Head, to concentrate on Non-formal Education and Population Education. The department researches in the fields of Adult education, population education, industrial training, project evaluation. The department offers Masters and Ph.D. Programmes.

Chair Person : Dr.M.SRINIVASAN

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