Kural தம்பொருள் என்பதம் மக்கள் அவர்பொருள் தம்தம் வினையான் வரும்.       In English: Children are one's wealth indeed Their wealth is measured by their deed.

School of Philosophy and Religious Thought

School of and Religious Thought comprises the departments of Philosophy, Saiva siddhantha, Vaishnavism, jainology, Christian Studies and Islamic Studies.

The department of Indian Philosphy was started in 1957 for promoting Soth Indian Philosophical thought. Prof.S.Suryanarayan Sastri and Prof.T.M.P.Mahadevan have rendered exemplary services in the department to make it Dr.Radhakrishnan Centre for Advanced Study in Indian Philosophy in 1964. Currently the department offers Masters, M.Phil and Ph.D programmes.

During the post centenary Silver Jubilee celebrations of the University in 1984 the department of Saiva Siddhantha was started. It offers Certificate, Diploma, Masters and Ph.D programmes.

The department of Vaishnavism was also started during the 1984 Post centenary Celebrations. The department now offers Masters and Ph.D Programmes.

The department of jainology was also started in 1984. It offers Masters and Ph.D Programmes.

The department of Christian studies was also created during the 1984 Post Centenary Silver Jubilee Celebrations. It offers Masters, M.Phil and Ph.D Programmes.

The department of Islamic Studies is the recent addition to the School.


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