Kural செல்லிடத்துக் காப்பான் சினங்காப்பான் அல்லிடத்துக் காக்கின்என் காவாக்கால் என்?       In English: Anger against the weak is wrong It is futile against the strong.

School of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science

The University department of Mathematics was created in 1927. The Ramanujan Institute of Mathematics,founded by Dr.Rm.Alagappa Chettiar came into existence in 1957. In 1967,with the assistance from UGC it become a Centre of Advanced Study in Mathematics merging the the units. This centre is now known as the Ramanujan Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics(RIASM). The RIASM offers Masters,M.Phil.and Ph.D.programmes.

An independent Department of Statistics started functioning in 1941 and became a full fledged department of study and research from 1975. It offers Masters M.Phil. and Ph.D.Programmes.

Study of Computer Science in the University began in 1984. An independent department was instituted in 1995. The Department of Computer Science concentrates research in the areas of Parallel Algorithms, Architectures and Applications,Parallel Computing,Computational Geometry and it a well equipped Computer Laboratory.

Chair Person : Dr.M.R.SRINIVASAN

Constitute Department :