Kural சிறைநலனும் சீரும் இலரெனினும் மாந்தர் உறைநிலத்தோடு ஒட்டல் அரிது.       In English: To face a foe at home is vain Though fort and status are not fine.

School of Historical Studies

The School of Historical Studies consists of Department of Indian History and Department of Ancient History and Archaeology

The University of Madras created the Department of Indian History and Archaeoogy as the first faculty of the University in 1914 and it was headed successively by eminent historians like Dr.S.Krishnaswamy Iyengar, Prof.K.A.Nilakanta Sastry, Prof.K.K.Pillay and others. The Department was bifurcated into Departments of Indian History and Ancient History and Archaeology in 1959. Dr.T.V.Mahalingam was the first Professor of ancient History and Archaeology, a renowned Archaeologist and Epigraphist

The Department of Ancient History and Archaeology has special interests in Epigraphy and Numismatics, Tamil Culture, and Applied Archealogy. If offers Masters and Ph.D. Programmes.

The Department of Indian History specializes on Economic History and Urban Studies. If offers Master, M.Phil, and Ph.D. Programmes.

Chair Person : Dr.P.D.Balaji

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