Kural அறிவுடையார் எல்லா முடையார் அறிவிலார் என்னுடைய ரேனும் இலர்.       In English: Who have wisdom they are all full Whatev'r they own, misfits are nil.

School of Tamil and other Dravidian Languages

The School of Tamil and Dravidian Languages consists of Departments of Tamil Literature,Tamil Language,Chair on Christian Tamil Literature, and Departments of Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam.

The department of Comparative Philology,Oriental Research Institute(ORI),University of Madras first began researches in Tamil in 1914. In 1927,a separate Tamil department was established in the Institute. In 1930 the Tamil department was further expanded. The Tamil department specialized in Classical Tamil Literature,Folklore,Tirukkural Studies and Comparative Grammar. It published the much reputed annals of Oriental Research and Tamil dictionary. the department of Tamil was bidurcated into departments of Tamil Literature and Tamil Language in 1980-81. Since 1981, the department of Tamil Literature specializes in Literary Studies,Grammar, Linguistics Folklore,Translation,Mass media and Comparative Literature to evolve a holistic study of Tamil Culture. The department of Tamil Literature offers Masters,M.Phil and Ph.D.Programmes. Thirukkural Research Unit(TRU) of the Tamilnadu Government Endowment Scheme is also functioning under the aegis of this department. The Department offers a Certificate Diploma Course in Folkloristics.

The department of Tamil Language specializes in the fields of Lexicography, Grammar,Translation,Stylistics, Discourse analysis, Linguistics, Literary Criticism, and Publishing.It offers Masters, M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes.

In 1984, a Chair on Christian Tamil Literature was instituted by the Government of Tamil Nadu and this Chair specializes on the Contributions of Christians to Tamilology. This Chair offers M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes.

The unit of Telugu Studies was created in ORI in 1914 and it became full fledged department in 1927. When it was reorganized in 1930, the focus of the department shifted to religious and cultural dimensions of Telugu Literature, comparative Literature and Folklore. The department of Telugu offers Masters, M.Phil and Ph.D.Programmes.

The unit of Kannada Studies was also started in 1927 in ORI with Prof. A.Venkata Rao as its head. In 1930, the department was expanded and began to give attention to Literary Criticism, Kanada Culture and Comparative Grammar. The department offers Masters, M.Phil and Ph.D. Programmes.

The unit of Malayalam Studies was established in the ORI in 1927 under the headship of C.Achutha Menon. The department studies Social and Cultural dimensions of Malayalam Language and Literature. The department offers Masters, M.Phil and Ph.D.Programmes.

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