Kural எவ்வ துறைவது உலகம உலகத்தோடு அவ்வ துறைவ தறிவு.       In English: As moves the world so move the wise In tune with changing times and ways.

School of Earth and Atmospheric Science

The School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciecne(SEAS) consists of the Departments of Applied Geology, Geology,and Geography.

Of the three Departments,the Department of Geography has been the oldest one. In july 1932,the Geography Department has commenced teaching of Diploma in geography for the benift of graduates of both science ans humanities subjects. A.Sc Applied Geography as an academic programme has been started in the University Department in the year 1976.

The Department has been the centre for a number of national and intertational seminars and workshops. To meet the demands of IT opportunities in mapping,the Departmetn has started(a)Industry oriented P.G.Diploma in GIS Management and (b)M.S.c Spatial Information Technology, in addition with the existing PG programme.The Ph.D programme of the Department has been known for its Multi-disciplinary approach.

The Geology department concentrates on Micropaleontological Studies including Paleoenivronment, Stratigraphy, Micropaleontology of Seas and Oceans, Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, Geochemistry, Environmental Geology, Sedimentology and Sedimentary Petrology, Marine Geology, Petrography of Construction sands and Monumental stones, Aquifer sands,Oil well and reservoir studies, Sedimentary Pollution and Hydrology.

The sophisticated facilities and equipment of Geology department are: Computers, Micropaleontology Laboratory, Sample Processing Laboratory, Petrological Laboratory, Geo-chemical Laboratory and Hydrogeology Laboratory. With these facilities Consultancy work can be undertaken in the following areas: Sedimentary, Petrology and Sedimentology, Marine Geology, Sedimentary Stratigraphy, Petrography of construction sands, Petrography of monumental stones(Archaeology), Aquifer sand study, Sedimentary Mapping - Limestone spread and quality assessment;sedimentology of Ceramic raw materials such as clays and other minerals;Environmental assessment in the areas of sand mining; Sedimentary,Petrological Studies in Petroleum industry and Coal,Lignite areas;Aqua-soil-sediment Pollution studies.

The Department of Applied Geology was established in the University of Madras in 1952 and has been functioning since then in the Guindy Campus,A.C.College Buildings,Cehnnai-25. During the last four decades, the Departmetn has made tremendous strides in academics and research. Till date,the Department has produced 40 Ph.D., 10 M.Phil., and about 350 M.Sc. Applied Geology scholars. Presently, 10 Ph.D. researchers,3 M.Phil. scholars, adn 19 M.Sc. Students are pursuing their respective programmes.

Chair Person : Dr.R.JAGANATHAN

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