Kural அளவின்கண் நின்றொழுகல் ஆற்றார் களவின்கண் கன்றிய காத லவர்.       In English: They cannot walk in measured bounds who crave and have covetous ends.

Department of Physiology

Faculty Profiles

Employee No:
Dr. R. Ravindran , M.Sc.,Ph.D (Physiology)
Assistant Professor & Head i/c
Stress Physiology, Neurophysiology



Office: Department of Physiology Dr. ALM. PG. Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Madras Taramani Campus, Chennai

Residence: 12, Ramakrishnapuram 2nd st, Adambakkam, Chennai 600 088


Off: 24547161

Res: 43595865

Mobile: 9444145990


  • SIRI RESEARCH (2004) - from IABMS
  • Under Performance linked incentive scheme Cash award of Rs. 750 ?Univ. of Madras in 2005.



  • Life member in Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India.
  • Life member in Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists. (L-449)

Projects (Total Projects : 2)

  • Title : Turnover studies of rat brain neurotransmitter levels after noise stress 
    Duration : 2003-2006
    Funding Agency : UGC
    Amount Sanctioned (in Lakhs.) : 305000
  • Title : HDP-19 “Behavioral neurohumoral and EEG changes after REM sleep deprivation”
    Duration : 2003-2008
    Funding Agency : UGC-UWPE
    Amount Sanctioned (in Lakhs.) : 270000


Papers (Total Papers: 9)

  • Noise-stress-induced brain neurotransmitter changes and the effect of Ocimum sanctum (Linn) treatment in albino rats,  Ravindran R, Rathinasamy SD, Samson J, Senthilvelan M.,  J Pharmacol Sci.,  98,  (2005),  354-360
  • Effect of Pranayama on Autonomic and Pulmonary Functions,  Gajalakshmi, G and Ravindran, R.,  Journal of Advances in Developmental Research,  (2011), 
  • Effect of noise stress on free radical scavenging enzymes in brain. Environ Toxicol Pharmacol.,  Samson J, Sheela Devi R, Ravindran R, Senthilvelan M.,  Environ Toxicol Pharmacol.,  20,  (2005),  142-148
  • Biogenic amine changes in brain regions and attenuating action of Ocimum sanctum in noise exposure.,  Samson J, Sheela Devi R, Ravindran R, Senthilvelan M,  Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior.,  83,  (2006),  67-75
  • Serotonin in different duration of sleep recovery in discrete regions of young rat brain after 24h REM sleep deprivation,  Senthilvelan M, Ravindran R, Samson J, Sheela Devi R,,  Brain and development,  28,  (2006),  526-528
  • Plumbago zeylanica action on blood coagulation profile with and without blood volume reduction,  R. Vijayakumar, M. Senthilvelan, R. Ravindran and R. Sheela Devi,  Vascular Pharmacology,  45,  (2006),  86-90
  • Serotonin turnover in discrete regions of young rat brain after 24 h REM sleep deprivation,  Senthilvelan M, Ravindran R, Samson J, Sheela Devi R.,  Neurochemical Research,  31,  (2006),  81-84
  • Stress response in rat brain after different durations of noise exposure,  Samson J, Sheeladevi R, Ravindran R, Senthilvelan M.,  Neurosci Res,  57,  (2007),  143-147
  • Oxidative stress in brain and antioxidant activity of Ocimum sanctum in noise exposure,  Samson, J., Sheela Devi, R., Ravindran, R,  Neurotoxicology.,  28,  (2007),  679–685

Seminar / Conference / Workshop


  • “Cardio rhythm 2010” Continuous Medical Education Programme on ECG and its clinical applications, Department of physiology, Chengalpattu medical college, Chengalpattu.25/09/2010
  •   Acquisition and analysis of biomedical signals, Department of physiology, SRM Medical college Hospital & Research Centre, Potheri, Tamilnadu 29/02/2008
  • Continuous Medical Education Programme (CME) in physiology, Institute of physiology, MMC, Chennai 600 003. 20/ 03/2007
  • World Disability Day Interdisciplinary Symposium. Neurosciences India group. K.Gopalakrishna Department of Neurology, Taramani, Chennai 113, India
  • XXV Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists, CLRI and Dr ALM.PGIBMS, University of Madras, Taramani, Chennai 113 October 7th -10th   2004
  •   Recent Advancements in Physiology, Department of Physiology Dr ALM.PGIBMS. University of Madras Chennai.20th Feb 2004.
  • XXIV Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists, Institute of Nuclear Medicine and  Allied Sciences, Delhi- 54 1st -4th November 2003
  •   The Electrophoresis Institute, Yercaud , Salem. From 6th -11th October 2003.
  • XXIII Annual Conference of Indian Association of Biomedical Scientists, Department of Physiology  JIPMER, Pondicherry October 5th -6th 2002
  •   Common laboratory equipments – Their theory Practice and Maintenance. Department of Physiology, Dr ALM PGIBMS. University of Madras, Chennai – 113. March 2001


  • Indo- Australian Conference on Biotechnology in Infectious Disease, Kasturba Medical College, MAHE, Manipal, India. March1st – 3rd  2005

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