Dr. R. Azhagarasan

Associate Professor
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Culture Studies, Translation And Postcolonial Studies


Office: Department of English University of Madras Chepauk Campus, Chennai - 600 005


Off: 044) - 2539 9653   Res: Nil

Mobile: 9894511202

Office: razhagu@unom.ac.in

Other: razhagu@rediffmail.com



Projects (Total Projects : 1)

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    Submitted the project on ?Dalits and Colonial Question: An Anthology of Archival Material of Dalits in Colonial Tamil Nadu?, to University of Madras
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Books (Total Books: 8)
  • Translated from Tamil Venomous Touch: Notes on Caste, Culture and Politics. Writings of Ravikumar. Calcutta: Samya, 2009.,  )
  • Translated from English Poststructuralism: An Introduction, by Catherine Belsey. Chennai: Adayalam publications, 2009,  )
  • Translated from Tamil, ?The Unwritten Writing: Dalits and Media?, By Ravikumar, , in 21st century Journalism. Ed., Nalini , New Delhi: Sage, 2008,  )
  • ?An Interview with Ngugi wa Thiango? Akshara, vol.4 march 2008, pp 31-34,  )
  • ?Genre and Its Excess in Marginal Narratives?. Postcolonial Pedagogics. Prestige Books, 2008.pp.26-36,  )
  • New Bearings in English Studies: A Festchrift for Dr.C.T.Indra. Ed. R.Azhagarasan, Bruce Bennett and et al, Hyderabad: Longman, 2008,  )
  • ?Caste: Spectacle, Documentation and Perspective? (in Tamil), Kalachuvadu, October 2007. pp 16-17,  )
  • ?Interrogating Postcolonial Indian Nationalism? in Kunappi, 2005.,  )



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