Dr.Michael Aruldhas

Professor and Head
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Office: Professor and Head Department of Endocrinology University of Madras Chepauk, Chennai - 600 005


Off: ( 044) 24547040  Res: 044 - 26215736, 26201036.

Mobile: 91- 09444134284

Office: aruldhasmm@unom.ac.in

Other: aruldhasmm@gmail.com, aruldhasmm@yahoo.com



Projects (Total Projects : 1)

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    Molecular mechanism underlying the male reproductive toxicity of chromium: Study on Sertoli cell structure proteins and hormone receptors (funded by Department of Science andTechnology ? Total grants Rs.35 lakhs)
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Papers (Total Papers: 4)
  • Lactational exposure to hexavalent chromium delays puberty by impairing ovarian development, steroidogenesis and pituitary hormone synthesis in developing Wistar rats,  Banu SK, Samuel JB, Arosh JA, Burghardt RC, Aruldhas MM,  Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology,  232,  (2008),  180-9
  •  In vivo spermatotoxic effect of chromium as reflected in the epididymal epithelial principal cells, basal cells, and intraepithelial macrophages of a nonhuman primate (Macaca radiata Geoffroy),  Aruldhas MM, Subramanian S, Sekhar P, Vengatesh G, Govindarajulu P, Akbarsha MA,  Fertility Sterility,  86,  (2006),  1097-105
  • Reproductive toxicity of chromium in adult bonnet monkeys (Macaca radiata Geoffrey). Reversible oxidative stress in the semen.,  Subramanian S, Rajendiran G, Sekhar P, Gowri C, Govindarajulu P, Aruldhas MM,  Toxicol Appl Pharmacol,  215 (3),  (2006),  237-49
  • Chronic chromium exposure-induced changes in testicular histoarchitecture are associated with oxidative stress: study in a non-human primate (Macaca radiata Geoffroy),  Aruldhas MM, Subramanian S, Sekhar P, Vengatesh G, Hasan GC, Govindarajulu P, Akbarsha MA,  Human Reproduction.,  20 (10),  (2005),  2801-13



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