Dr. D. Velmurugan

Professor and Head
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Office: Director Centre of Advanced Study in Crystallography and Biophysics University of Madras Guindy Campus, Chennai - 600 025


Off: 91 44 2220 2772, +91 44 2220 0122  Res: Nil


Office: dvelmurugan@unom.ac.in

Other: d_velu@yahoo.com


  • University Grants Commission Career Award in 1994.
  • Tamil Nadu Scientist Award (TANSA) in 2007
  • Cited in Position 8 among the 23 Most Productive Scientists from India SCOPUS International Database survey 1996-2006
  • VBL visiting Professorship to Nagoya University, Japan during 2002-2009
  • Indo-Japan, Indo German Projects awardee
  • 4 years post doctoral experience with Prof.H.A.Hauptman, Nobel laureate


Projects (Total Projects : 0)


Books (Total Books: 6)
  • Elementary X-ray Crystallography (2007) MJP Publishers, Chennai,  )
  • Observation of Additional Calcium Ion in the Crystal Structure of the Triple mutant K56, 120, 121M of Bovine Pancreatic Phospholipase A2. Rajakannan, V., Yogavel, M., Ming-Jye Poi, ArockiaJeyaprakash, A., Jeyakanthan, J. Velmurugan, D., Ming-Daw Tsai & Sekar, K. (2002). J. Mol. Biol. 321, 879-889,  )
  • Crystal structures of the free and anisic acid bound triple mutant of phospholipase A2. Sekar, K., Vaijayanthimala, S., Yogavel, M., Velmurugan, D., Ming-Jye Poi, B., Vishwanath, B. S., Gowda, T. V., Arokia Jeyaprakash, A. & Tsai, M. D. (2003). Journal of Molecular Biology, 333, 367-376,  )
  • Atomic resolution (0.97) structure of the triple mutant (K53,56,121M) of bovine pancreatic phospholipase A2. Sekar, K., Rajakannan, V., Gayathri, D., Velmurugan, D., Poi, M.J., Dauter, M., Dauter, Z. & Tsai, M.D. (2005). Acta Cryst. F61, 3-7.,  )
  • Use of iterative OASIS with low resolution SAD laboratory X-ray source (CrKa) datasets. S. Selvanayagam, D. Velmurugan, T. Yamane & A. Suzuki. Accepted for Publication in Indian Journal of Physics (2009), 83, 1671-1679.,  )
  • Molecular modeling of the Additional Inhibitor site located in Secretory Phospholipase A2. Om Praba, G., Velmurugan, D., Louis, P.A., Rafi, Z.A., accepted for Publication in Journal of biomolecular Structure and Dynamics (2010), February issue.,  )



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