Kural நல்லாற்றாள் நாடி அருளாள்க பல்லாற்றால் தேரினும் அஃதே துணை.       In English: Seek by sound ways good compassion; All faiths mark that for-salvation.

Department of Analytical Chemistry


Name of the Faculty Designation View Profiles
Dr. S. Sriman Narayanan Professor and Head Dr. S. Sriman Narayanan
Dr. T. Raju Associate Professor Dr. T. Raju
Dr. K.Ravichandran Associate Professor Dr. K.Ravichandran
Dr.T.M. Sridhar Assistant Professor Dr.T.M. Sridhar
Dr. Deepa P. Nambiar Assistant Professor Dr. Deepa P. Nambiar
Dr. K. Venkatachalam Assistant Professor Dr. K. Venkatachalam
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