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The Government of India has established Agro Economic Research Centres through out the country with a view to provide them with a constant flow of data on various aspects of Agriculture and Rural life. At the outset, four Centres were started each in New Delhi, Santhiniketan, Poona and Chennai. At present there are 15 Centres in the Country.  

A.E.R.C. at Chennai was started on 15th April 1954 for the purpose of carrying out a comprehensive and a continuous study of agricultural economic problems in the States of Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Later Karnataka State was attached to a Centre at Bangalore and Andhra Pradesh to a sister centre located at Andhra University, Waltair. Currently, the Chennai Centre covers the States of Tamilnadu, Kerala, Pondicherry and Lakshadweep.

The Centre has completed 62 Village surveys, 10 resurveys and 132 problem oriented research studies since its inception. The lists of studies completed and the on going studies are enclosed.

(a) Continuous study on changes in the rural economy. (b) Evaluation of the Centrally Sponsored Agricultural Development Schemes implemented in the jurisdiction States. (c) Farm Management Studies in Salem and Coimbatore Districts during 1954-1955 to 1956-1957 and in Thanjavur District during 1967-1968 to 1969-1970.

Using the data thrown up by the surveys of the Centre and also Secondary data, numerous Research papers were prepared on Topics of current interest by the staff members of the Centre. Research Scholars and Planners from different facilties utilise the data collected by the Centre for Academic interest and policy implementation.

Works Completed:The Centre has completed 62 Village surveys, 10 resurveys and 132 problem oriented research studies.

The Library / Collection:The Centre has a Library of its own which is used not only by the members of the staff but also by the staff and Research Scholars of other departments of the University. About 7000 volumes of books, reports and journals are available for reference.

1. 1957 Measure of Food Control, Procurement and Controlled Distribution and their effects on the Agrarian Economy. 2. 1957 Working of Co-Operative Land Colonization Society with special reference to Madras state. 3. 1959 An Enquiry In the Pace and Pattern of Marketed Arrivals of Food grains (Season 1958 - 59). 4. 1960 Economics of Irrigation and water Rates in Cauvery- under Cauvery Mettur project. 5. 1962 Factors influencing Cropping Pattern in South Arcot and North Arcot Districts. 6. 1962 A Decade (1950-60) of Prices of Rice in Southern region. 7. 1963 Changes in the condition of Agricultural Labour in South Indian Villages- Vol -I 8. 1963 Rice Prices in the Southern Region during 1953-62- A Statistical Analysis. 9. 1964 Assessment of progress and Evaluation of Co-operative Farming society in Pilot Projects in the southern Region (1st Round) 10. 1964 Changes in the condition of Agricultural Labour in South Indian Villages Vol -II 11. 1965 A study of Trends, Seasonality and Fluctuation in the Prices, of Rice, Jowar, Ragi,Groundnut and cotton in the Southern Region. 12. 1965 Changes in the Structure and Functioning of Co-operative Societies and the Role of Credit in Package Programme Area-Thanjavur District. 13. 1965 An Enquiry in to the working of Fair Price shops in Southern Region. 14. 1966 Assessment of Progress and Evaluation of Co-Operative Forming Societies in Pilot Projects in the Southern Region (II. Round) case studies of three Societies. 15. 1967 Changes in the structure and functioning of Co-operative Credit Societies and Role of Credit in the Package Programme area-West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. 16. 1967 Evaluation of High Yielding Varieties Programme in Ernakulam District, Kerala state. Tainan-3-Kharif-1966-67. 17. 1967 Evaluation of High Yielding Varieties Programme in Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh. Tainan Native-1-Kharif-1966-67. 18. 1968 High Yielding Varieties Programme in Thanjavur District. Madras State - A study of ADT.27 in Kharif Season 1967-68. 19. 1968 A Report on High Yielding Variety Programme- A case Study of IR.8 in West Godavari District-Kharif, 1967-68. 20. 1968 A Report on High Yielding Variety Programme- A case Study of IR.8 in West Godavari District-Rabi Season, 1967-68. 21. 1969 An enquiry into the Piggery Development in Krishna District- Andhra Pradesh. 22. 1969 Long Term Financing of Agriculture - A case Study of Thanjavur and Coimbatore Districts. 23. 1969 An Evaluation of the High Yielding Variety Programme in Chenglepet District, Madras state- Kharif Season (1968-69). 24. 1969 An Evaluation of the High Yielding Variety Programme in Thanjavur District, Madras state- Kuruval Season (Kharif 1968-69). 25. 1969 Study on the Loans Advances by the Land Mortgage Banks for Agricultural Development and their utilisation in the districts of Coimbatore and Thanjavur (Tamil Nadu). 26. 1969 Study on the High Yielding Variety Programme in Thanjavur District, Rabi, 1968-69. 27. 1970 Economics of Mechanisation of Fishing in Kerala. 28. 1970 A study of Relative Returns to Farmers from Regulated and Unregulated Markets for Groundnut in Tamilnadu. 29. 1972 A Study of Land Reforms in Thanjavur District, Tamilnadu. 30. 1972 Changes in the structure and financing of co-operative credit societies and the Role of Credit in Package Programme Area In West Godavari District (Andhra Pradesh). 31. 1972 A study of income Savings and investment in Palghat district Kerala State, 1969-70. 32. 1972 Financing of small Farmers in Coimbatore District, Tamilnadu. 33. 1972 Evaluation of Dry Farmers in Ramanathapuram District, Tamilnadu. 34. 1973 A Study of incomes Savings and Investment in Palghat District. 35. 1973 A Study of Income Green Revolution in South Arcot District, Tamilnadu. 36. 1974 Economics of Cashew cultivation in Kerala. 37. 1974 A Study of income Savings and Investment in Palghat District, Kerala State- 1971-72. 38. 1974 A Study of Marginal Farmers and Agricultural Labourers in Pondicherry - First Round (1971-72). 39. 1974 A Study of the Crash Scheme for Rural Employment in Kerala. 40. 1975 Economics of Sunflower Cultivation in Ramanathanapuram District, Tamilnadu. 41. 1975 Integrated Dry Land Agricultural Development in Kovilpatti, Tamilnadu, 1971-1972. 42. 1975 Integrated Dry Land Agricultural Development in Kovilpatti, Tamilnadu, 1972-1973. 43. 1975 Integrated Dry Land Agricultural Development in Kovilpatti, Tamilnadu, 1973-1974. 44. 1976 A Study of Marginal Farmers and Agricultural Labourers in Pondicherry, - Second Round (1972-73). 45. 1976 A Study of Income Savings and Investment in Thanjavur District , Tamilnadu , 1971-72. 46. 1976 Economics of Potato Cultivation In Tamilnadu. 47. 1976 A Study of Income Savings and Investment in Palghat District, combined Report for the years , 1969-70 to 1971-72. 48. 1976 A Study of Tapioca Cultivation in Kerala. 49. 1976 Evaluation of Small Farmers Development Agency in South Arcot District, Tamilnadu. 50. 1976 Agricultural Development in Tamilnadu- State level Study (1950-51 to 1973-74). 51. 1977 Poultry Farming In Kerala. 52. 1977 Agricultural Development -District Level Study - The Nilgiris District Tamilnadu (1950-51 to 1973-74). 53. 1977 Agricultural Development in Kaniyakumari District. Tamilnadu (1950 -- 51 to 1973 - 74) 54. 1977 Loan and Advances by Nationalized Banks in Agricultural Development. 55. 1978 Mechanisation of Farming in Tamilnadu with special reference to tractors in Trichirapalli District, Tamilnadu. 56. 1978 Levels of Hiring of Agricultural Labour in Thanjavur District. Tamilnadu. 57. 1978 Evaluation of intensive Development Programmes for Groundnut in North Arcot District, Tamilnadu. 58. 1978 Impact of High Yielding Varieties-South Arcot District, Tamilnadu. 59. 1979 Impact of High Yielding Varieties Programme -Chingelpet District, Tamilnadu. 60. 1979 Agricultural Development in Ramanathapuram District, Tamilnadu. 61. 1979 Agricultural Development in Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu. 62. 1979 Small Farmers Development Agency, Qullion - A Evaluation Study. 63. 1979 Impact of the High Yield Varieties Programmes in North Arcot District, Tamilnadu 64. 1979 Evaluation of small Farmers Development Agency- Tirunelveli District, Tamilnadu 65. 1979 Economics of Poultry Farming in Tamilnadu. 66. 1979 Economics of Dairy Farming in Tamilnadu. 67. 1979 Agricultural Development in Coimbatore District, Tamilnadu. 68. 1979 Agricultural Development in Madurai District, Tamilnadu. 69. 1980 Changes in Land Ownership Pattern in Decade- Tamilnadu. 70. 1980 Diversion of Food Crops Commercial Crops in Tamilnadu. 71. 1980 Wages and Employment of Agricultural Labourers in Kerala. 72. 1981 Impact of Foreign Remittances on the Economy of Rural area in Kerala. 73. 1981 Study of Water Management Practices in Canal and tank Irrigated, areas in Tamilnadu. 74. 1982 Blue Green Algae as a source of Bio-Fertilizer in Thanjavur District, Tamilnadu. 75. 1983 Land reforms in Kerala with special reference to utilisation and Productivity. 76. 1983 Regional Studies in Agricultural Development, Tamilnadu. 77. 1983 Production and Marketing of Vegetables in Pondicherry. 78. 1983 Problems in Growth of Oil Seeds- A case study of Groundnut in Tamilnadu. 79. 1984 Benefits of small and Marginal Farmers through Minor Irrigation in Tamilnadu. 80. 1984 Repaying capacity of Farmers in Tamilnadu. 81. 1984 Problems and Prospects of Cultivation of Pulses in Tamilnadu. 82. 1984 Study of Cashew Cultivation in Kerala. 83. 1984 Sericulture Development in Tamilnadu. 84. 1986 Social Forestry in Tamilnadu. 85. 1986 National Rural Development Programme in Tamilnadu. 86. 1986 Evaluation of Tube Well Irrigation Programme for the Scheduled Castes in Pondicherry. 87. 1986 Changes in Yield of Paddy in Tamilnadu. 88. 1986 An Evaluation of Development of Dry Land Agriculture through Popularisation of Seed - cum Fertilizer Drills in Tamilnadu. 89. 1986 Socio-Economic Condition of Marine Fisherman Community in Tamilnadu. 90. 1986 An evaluation of the Pilot Project for water conservation Harvesting Technology for Dry Farming in Kerala State. 91. 1987 Evaluation of Centrally Sponsored Scheme for Development of Pulses in Tamilnadu. 92. 1987 Study of Consumption of Fertilizer in Tamilnadu. 93. 1988 Economics of Banana Cultivation in Kerala. 94. 1988 Evaluation of T & V Programme in Kanniyakumari District, Tamilnadu. 95. 1988 Evaluation of soil Conversation Programme in Kundah Catchment AreaTamilnadu. 96. 1988 Study of Impact of Centrally Sponsored Scheme to small Farmers for increasing Agricultural Production in Pondicherry. 97. 1989 Evaluation of the benefits flowing from the central sector scheme of Mini Programme of Millets in Tamilnadu. 98. 1989 Impact of Drought on the Economic Condition of Rural people in Tamilnadu. 99. 1990 Prospects of changing Cropping Pattern in favour of Pulses and Oil Seeds Production in Tamilnadu. 100. 1993 Socio-Economic Impact of Fish Farmers Development Agency (F.F.D.A) in Tamilnadu. 101. 1994 Price increase and its effect on Fertiliser consumption in Tamilnadu-Rabi 1991-92. 102. 1994 Price increase and its effect on Fertiliser consumption in Tamilnadu-Kharif 1992-93. 103. 1994 Decentralized Planning in Agricultural Development Infrastructural Enumeration in Coimbatore District in Tamilnadu. 104. 1994 Impact of subsidies on Agricultural Development in Tamilnadu. 105. 1995 Study of Emerging Problems of Agricultural Marketing with special focus on processing and input supplies. 106. 1995 Evaluation of Engineering Structures Constructed under soil conservation scheme in Tamilnadu. 107. 1996 Economic Viability of small and Marginal Farms - Potentialities for increasing income and Employment on Marginal Farms. 108. 1996 Evaluation of Central Sector Scheme on Promotion of Agriculture & 109 through small Tractors in Tamilnadu. 110. 1996 Role of Non-Governmental Agencies In Agricultural Development In Tamilnadu. 111. 1996 Economics of drip irrigation system in Coimbatore district in Tamilnadu. 112. 1996 Impact Of National Watershed Development Programme For Rainfed Areas (NWDPRA) in Tamilnadu. 113. 1996 Study Of Impact Of Recovery Performance On Credit Disbursing Institutions and flow Of Agricultural Credit (Palakkad District, Kerala State.) 114. 1997 Analysis Of Trends In Operational Holdings In Tamilnadu. 115. 1998 Economics Of Poultry Development And Role Of Un-Organised Sector In Tamilnadu. 116. 1998 Economics Of Pulses Production And Identification Of Constraints In Raising their Production In Tamilnadu. 117. 1998 Economics Of Export Oriented Horticultural Crop In Kerala State. 118. 1999 Factors Influencing The Behavior Of Coconut Oil Prices In Kerala. 119. 1999 Economic Reforms And Dynamics Of Co-Operative Movement In Tamilnadu. 120. 2000 Quick Study On NWDPRA - Coimbatore District, Tamilnadu. 121. 2000 Integrated Programme For The Development Of Spices Implemented During 8th Plan. 122. 2000 Socio Economic Evaluation Of National Integrated Pest Management Programme For Rice and Cotton In Tamilnadu. 123. 2000 Quick Study On The Evaluation Of The Centrally Sponsored Scheme. "Establishment Of An Agency For Reporting Of Agricultural Statistics (EARAS) In Kerala States. 124. 2001 Growth and Impact of Farm Mechanisation in Tamilnadu. 125. 2003 Causes for the shrinkage of Tank Irrigated area in Kerala. 126. 2003 Flow of Credit to Small and Marginal Farmers in Tamil Nadu. 127. 2003 Causes for the Shrinkage of Tank Irrigated Area in Tamil Nadu. 128. 2003 Technological Changes in Agriculture and its Impact on Dry Farming in Tamil Nadu. 129. 2002 Impact of Minimum Support Prices on the Agricultural Economy in Tamil Nadu. 130. 2003 Fruits and Vegetable Mandies (Wholesale market) Located in Urban and Semi- urban Areas in Tamil Nadu with Focus on Chennai Markets - Their Problems and Suggestions and for Improvement - (A Common Study) Proposed by Ministry of finance, Department of Economic Affairs. 131. 2003 Production and Marketing of Tapioca in Tamil Nadu. 132. 2004 Agricultural Input subsidies in India: Quantum of Subsides to Small and Marginal Farmers and Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe Farmers in Tamil Nadu (A Common Studies) Proposed by DES. 133. 2004 Building up of an Efficient Marketing System to Obviate the Need for a Large scale state Intervention in Tamil Nadu (A Common Study) Proposed by DES.


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