Kural கள்வார்க்குத் தள்ளும் உயிர்நிலை கள்வார்க்குத் தள்ளாது புத்தே ளுளகு.       In English: Even the body rejects thieves; The honest men, heaven receives.

Department of Economics

About the Department


The University of Madras, Department of Economics, began in 1912, is the earliest one to be set up. It was commissioned with a special and non-recurring grant sanctioned by the Government of India to the University of Madras.

The department continues to produce high quality academic research. Faculty members also continue to influence national debates and policy, through writing in popular journals, memberships of national committees.


  • Complementing the other in the Library the Computer Lab, Internet facilities, Modern Seminar Hall are additional facilities of the department.


  • Dr.Vedagiri Shanmugasundaram Endowment Lecture
  • Fr.P.Carty Endowment Lecture
  • Sri Alladi Krishnasamy Iyer Endowment Lecture
  • The Gokhale Endowment Lecture
  • Saradha Endowment Lecture
  • Sakthi Charities
  • Sir William Mayer Endowment Seminar
  • Iyyasamy Endowment Prize


  • Planning Commission Chair Instituted by Government of India.
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