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Department of Economics

About the Department


The Department of Economics was created in 1915. Over the last one hundred years, the Department has contributed a great deal to the Indian society and economy through its teaching and research. Among its distinguished faculty members and students, many have occupied many important policy making positions at the regional, national and international levels. Today the department has students from all over the country and from abroad.  


Department of Economics offers the following post graduate programmes.

M.A. in Indian Economics (Two Years).

M.Phil. in Economics (One Year)

Ph.D. in Economics (Full Time & Part Time)

Teaching and Research

            The Department of Economics had conducted diploma courses from 1918 onwards and organized inter-collegiate classes for optional subjects up to 1976.  Regular teaching of M.A. and M.Phil. Courses have been undertaken since 1975. Recognizing the growing importance of quantitative economics in teaching and policy making, the University started a new M.A. programme in Econometrics in 1978.  In 1980, the Department was bifurcated into Department of Economics and Department of Econometrics. 

The Department of Economics has been regularly revising its curriculum reflecting the developments in theory and policy environment in India and abroad. The students are rigorously trained in both theory and policy issues in Economics.

          The Madras University School of Economics was formed with Departments of Economics and Econometrics as constituents units in 1986. The MUSE was inaugurated by Dr. Manmohan Singh, the then Deputy Chairman of the Union Planning Commission on 10.01.1986. The MUSE received substantial grants under the Special Assistance Programme (SAP) from the University Grants Commission (UGC).  It has successfully completed all the three phases of five years each and waiting to become the Centre for Advance Studies. 

The Departments has also been supported by various funding agencies to create many new Chairs, Centers and Units for the promotion of research in specialized areas.

1.      The Rural Development Centre funded   by the UGC.

2.      Dr. Ambedkar Chair in Economics funded by Dr. Ambedkar Foundation, Government of India (1995).

3.      The Planning Commission’s Chair and Unit funded by the Union Planning Commission, Government of Indian (1996).

Of the three centers, Dr. Ambedkar Chair has become a separate Department viz.   “Dr. Ambedkar Centre for Economic Studies”.

Besides, The Agro Economic Research Centre (AERC) for the Southern Region (consisting Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Pondicherry and Lakshadweep) was setup with recurring grants by the Department of Agriculture, Government of India., in 1954. Since then it has been functioning in close coordination with the Department, and research on various important themes of regional and national significance in the areas of agricultural and rural development are being conducted. The Professor and Head of the Department would be the Director i/c of AERC. For instance, currently, Dr. K. Jothi Sivagnanam, Professor and Head of the Department of Economics is the Director i/c of AERC, Chennai. Thus, the Department of Economics, with all its chairs and centers, is the place of active teaching and research on various areas of Indian Economics; the following are some of the current areas of research undertaken by the Faculty Members.

1.  Public Finance - Fiscal Federalism

2. Tamil Nadu Economy

3. Agricultural Economics

4. Environmental Economics

5. Rural Development

The Department of Economics has a rich tradition in teaching and research in Economics in this part of the country. Without compromising on our commitment to uphold this tradition, we strive to usher in social justice in admission of students and concentrate on improving the academic capabilities of students from oppressed and depressed communities.  We are also inclusive in terms of embracing the modern developments in the fields of economics and educational practices. Keeping abreast with the academic developments is the hallmark of the Department. Students and researchers find a lively academic environment and conducive atmosphere for higher learning in Economics.

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Tamil Nadu
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Email: economics@unom.ac.in


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